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Nightfall Missives Skull And Bones: Deliver Rahma’s Warning

Nightfall Missives Contract: Skull and Bones is the main quest that begins at Talok Penjarah.

Sam, the game’s protagonist, needs to deliver a special message to the Orang Kaya.

Following the apology letter from the Commander in Chief to Admiral Rahma, she plans to send a strong warning message.

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Nightfall Missives In Skull And Bones: Kingpin Contract

Nightfall Missives Contract starts with a cutscene of Admiral Rahma and the protagonist after claiming the Admiral’s army and land.

Moreover, thanking the protagonist for the resources he brought her, she asks him for another help which could start a rebellion.

After the looming deal between Orang Kaya and the DMC, Admiral Rahma sees it as a threat to Rempah sovereignty.

Admiral Rehma sits on the warchair.
Admiral Rahma sits on the war chair as she instructs to defeat the Usurper.

She asks the protagonist to deliver a punishment that shows the Orang Kaya what she might lack in years, and she makes up for it in guile.

Moreover, After the coup, Admiral Rahma strives to restore her name, seeking to regain her people’s love and erase past misdeeds.

Admiral Rahma also intends to show the DMC that she will not yield.

Additionally, in this contract, the main protagonist, Sam, has to search for the Usurper Leader first in the Gulf of Nakh.

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Nightfall Missives In Skull And Bones: How To Complete?

To complete the contract, follow the steps below;

  1.  You will need to set sail and head west from Talok Penjarah to the Gulf of Nakh to find the Usurper Leader.
  2. There will be a lot of boats in the area where the Usurper Leader’s boat will be guarded by the sail of other boats to the north of the boat.
nightfall missives skull and bones
The Usurper Guard Boat will be lone south of the other boats.
  1. Attack the horde of boats and sink the Usurper’s boat, there will be a lot of enemies around so be careful of them.
  2. Collect an item, “Rahma’s Warning,” around where the Usurper’s boat sank.
  3. You should then deliver the heads of the officers to Granbie in Kaongkang Coast, which will be in the South Far-East of the Gulf of Nakh.
Nightfall Missives
Deliver the Contract Card after you complete the contract and deliver it to the officer head.
  1. You must escape the Rangnok Cave quickly and enter the Safe Zone, as DMC alerting will cause them to attack.
  2. After you escape from the Rangnok Cave and lie low from the DMC, you must report back to Admiral Rahma.

Nightfall Missives: Next Mission And Rewards

After completion of the contract, Nightfall Missives, you will get multiple rewards, like,

  1. 1625 Silver Coins
  2. Vanguard Snow Blueprint
  3. Infamy 

Vanguard Snow is a high-tier tank ship which is a reward for completing the Nightfall Missives contract.

Vanguard Snow
Vanguard Snow, a high-tier tank ship.

However, you can also unlock it once you’ve hit Corsair rank and buy it from Khmoy Estate.

Though it requires a lot of materials, even if you have the blueprint, the items are:

  • 13 Ironwood Plank
  • 12 Zinc Ingot
  • 12 Fine Abaca
  • 12 Juniper Plank
  • 12 Steel Ingot
  • 2 Sheet Glass
  • 2 Screw Mechanism

After you have completed Nightfall Missives, the ‘Spice Must Flow‘ contract will be available at Talok Penjarah.

Lastly, the contract acceptance requires the protagonist to meet Rahma and re-collect the spices hidden in plain sight of the DMC.

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