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What Is The Mysterious Keypad In Fallout 76 Atlantic City?

The Fallout 76 Atlantic City has an enigmatic mysterious keypad.

Players are excited to learn more about the Mysterious Keypad and what it does in the game.

The Mysterious keypad in Fallout 76 Atlantic City requires a code to unlock. The code to unlock the Mysterious Keypad is 68492 which players can enter into the keypad that turns it green.
Continue reading to learn more about the Mysterious Keypad in the Fallout 76 Atlantic City.

What Is The Mysterious Keypad In Fallout 76?

The mysterious keypad is an object players can use to unlock a door or vault containing secrets, rewards, or quests

You might need to find some codes or keys from other locations to unlock the secret behind the keypad.

Further, in Fallout 76, the Mysterious Keypad is inside the Manager’s office attached to the wall behind the desk.

Mysterious Keypad in Fallout 76 Atlantic City
Players can find a Mysterious keypad inside the Manager’s office in Fallout 76.

Once you enter the correct code, the keypad will turn green, indicating that the entry was successful.

However, if you enter the wrong code, it turns red and you cannot access what’s behind it.

Further, even after entering the right code into the Mysterious Keypad in Atlantic City, nothing happens.

Some players suspect this might be related to future updates or hidden quests.

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How To Use The Mysterious Keypad Code In Fallout 76?

The code to unlock the Mysterious Keypad in Fallout 76 is 68492.

To use the code in the Mysterious Keypad, players can follow the simple steps:

  • You have to go to the Atlantic City casino.
  • Look for the Keypad inside the Manager’s Office attached to the wall.
  • Enter the code 68492 into the keypad.
  • The screen turns green after entering the code.

The code is correct as indicated by the screen in green color.

However, it does not work as you get diverted from the keypad after entering the code.

What Happens After Entering Mysterious Keypad Code?

Even when the code works, its intended use is still in suspense for the players.

Many players are curious to know what it does and some of the speculations are:

1. Unreleased Content

Many players believe that Mysterious Keypad is part of future updates in the Tax Evasion expedition or others.

It may lead to new content that players have to explore further.

However, any official confirmation has not been made yet by the developers.

2. Hidden Area

Further, some players speculate the keypad might unlock a hidden area or a secret room.

The area might be within the Steel Pier Building or other locations in Atlantic City.

3. Lore Element

While some players feel it serves as a lore element, adding depth and mystery to the game.

However, the lore element doesn’t directly impact the gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the world of Fallout 76 is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered.

The mysterious Keypad may just be one piece of a large puzzle and with continued exploration, players can find what it’s used for.

Further, it requires a unique code with which players can unlock the secrets.

Players can stay updated to explore what the mysterious keypad unlocks in the game.

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