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Tekken 8 Ending Explained With Spoilers: Does Kayuza Survive?

Tekken 8 is about to release and fans are already curious to know about the spoilers for the ending.

The big showdown between Jin and Kayuza has hyped up everyone and fans are excited to know how the story unfolds.

Tekken 8’s ending is promising to be more than just a regular finish, so get ready for surprising elements, twists, and turns.

Continue reading to find out more about the ending of the Tekken 8.

The Intense Battle Between Kayuza And Jin 

As Tekken 8’s release gets closer, fans are super excited and trying to figure out how the story will go.

Fans are analyzing trailers, leaks, and all sorts of information to guess what might happen in the game’s ending.

There are several predictions about how the Tekken 8 will end and the surprising elements that come with it.

Chapter 1 of Tekken 8’s story shows the epic fight between Jin and Kayuza.

Opening scene tekken 8
In the opening scene of Tekken 8, there is an intense battle between Jin and Kayuza in normal form.

Furthermore, the first 16 minutes of the story show a fierce battle which makes the story pretty thrilling.

However, the Tekken 8 opening video reveals a scene with Kayuza and Jin in New York’s chaos that wasn’t in the story.

This twist in the story is making people eager to figure out what’s real in the game and what’s just there for the hype.

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What Happens In The Tekken 8 Ending?

In Tekken 8, the epic ending is again going to be a massive fight between Jin and Kayuza.

It all starts in Chapter 1, where they have this intense battle, and it wrecks New York City.

1. King Of Iron Fist Tournament

To make things even more intense, Kayuza announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament after knocking Jin out.

Each country has to pick a champion for the Iron Fist Tournament and if they lose the whole country faces massive destruction.

2. The Connection Of Azazel In The Battle

In all the crazy stuff happening, a person exploring finds ancient writings about Azazel, who is the source of the Devil Gene.

Hence, this finding is a big clue that hints that Azazel plays an important role in the battle against Kayuza.

3. A Team Of Four Rebel Fighters

In Chapter 2 of Tekken 8, Jin teams up with Lars, Lee, and Alisa to stop Kayuza.

Hence, Lars, Lee, Alysa, and Jin become a team of four rebel fighters to take on a mission to take down Kayuza.

4. Jin Trains His Devil Powers

As Jin is only the main character who can take down Kayuza, Lars and Lee help Jin train his devil powers.

This is because when Jin uses his devil powers he loses control and turns into Devil Jin.

The four fighters go to the Iron Fist Tournament to recruit stronger fighters to kill Kayuza.

Hence, this is when the team meets a stronger ally, Raina who joins the mission of killing Kayuza.

Chapter 15 Epic Ending: Battle Between Jin And Kayuza

When you are near the epic ending of Tekken 8, there will intense battles between iconic characters like Jin and Hwoarang.

The surprising element of the epic ending is Jun who shows up as a spiritual force who everyone thought was gone.

When you reach Chapter 15, you get to pick whether Jin or Kayuza wins the final battle.

Hence, this decides how the Tekken 8 story will end for many players.

Kayuza Survives In The End

During the final battle, Kayuza may lose his devil powers as his eyes are not red in the scenes.

Moreover, after an intense battle, Jin uses his mother’s fighting style to beat up Kayuza.

So in the main ending where Jin wins the battle against Kayuza, he successfully gets rid of the Devil Gene.

Tekken 8 ending
The spoiler of the Tekken 8 ending is even though Jin beat Kayuza out he still survives in the end.

However, the spoiler of the Tekken 8 ending is that Kayuza survives which makes the people curious about what happens next.

In the end, you will also get a hint of a multiverse and connections to Tekken’s past.

Hence, the Tekken 8 ending is a combination and blend of intense battle and an interesting storyline.

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