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Who Is Fighter From Monaco In Tekken 8?

The new chapter of the legendary fighting game franchise Tekken 8 consists of a roster of 32 characters with one in Monaco.

Each unique character represents different countries and brings unique combat skills.

However, the fighter from Monaco in Tekken 8 is the lady previously known as a fighting heiress.

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An Overview Of Tekken 8 New Series

The Tekken 8 is one of the most astonishing series which was released on January 26th, 2024.

It features a storyline where characters interact with each other during the story mode.

Moreover, it has added new fight, and rage mechanics and has brought the characters again to add a mystery to the game.

Players can embark on the story mode and unfold each character’s story through a captivating journey filled with thrilling actions.

However, this series is now available on the store platforms and has new characters added with new skills and animations.

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Lili AKA Emilie De Rochefort: Fighter From Monaco In Tekken8

Tekken features fighters from different countries, the fighter representing Monaco is Lili.

Monaco is an independent and sovereign city-state located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lili, also known as Emilie de Rochefort, fighting heiress, is renowned for her long-standing rivalry with Asuka Kazama.

She is one of the characters who was brought into the world of the Tekken universe in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Lili AKA Emilie De Rochefort fighter from Monaco in Tekken 8
Lili AKA Emilie De Rochefort, fighter from Monaco in Tekken 8.

However, Emilie de Rochefort belongs to a wealthy Monaco oil magnate’s family.

She resides in a luxurious suburban mansion with her father and their butler Sebastian.

In addition, Lili is very passionate about fighting, but her peace-loving father is against it.

She moved to take part in street fighting tournaments to refine her skills using her family’s private jet.

Hence, her goal is to defeat her eternal rival, Asuka Kazama, who has bested her twice in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The Return Of Monaco Fighter In Tekken 8

Emilie De Rochefort, commonly known as The “Fighting Heiress” has made her comeback in Tekken 8.

In Tekken 8, you will see her showing her love for cats and chasing after her wayward cat Salt.

Lili with her cat named salt
Lili with her cat “Salt” In Tekken 8.

However, you can see this Monaco fighter is more focused on Asuka Kazama in this new series of Tekken.

You can see her dominating her rival with a dance-like special move.

Following the intense battle, she reunites with Salt for a post-match celebration, marking a moment of triumph.

However, she is featured as a playable character in Tekken 8 to continue her rivalry with the aforementioned Asuka Kazama.

She has made a triumphant return to the battlefield, ready to unleash her signature stylish moves against any opponent.

Emilie De Rochefort Fighting Style And Moves

Lili’s fighting style is based on a relatively new martial arts style that is mostly underground.

Her fighting style was originally called Monegasque-Gymnastic Street Fighting Style.

Generally, she has new moves mainly characterized by dancelike and gymnastic maneuvers i.e. cartwheels and handstands tumbles.

Lili fighting with Asuka in Tekeen 8
Lili fighting with Asuka in Tekeen 8.

Her distinctive fighting style showcases a combination of agility and finesse in the heat of combat.

Similarly, she performs an acrobatic flip, elegant kicks, and graceful moves which are versatile and effective.

However, some of the techniques she used while fighting are Angle Knee, Sunflower Lance, Divine Step, Air Spine Shot and Feisty Rabbit.

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