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Unlock Tekken 8 Angel Jin Kazama: Devil Jin Transformation

One of the most shocking revelations in Tekken 8 was the appearance of Angel Jin.

He is a new character who is the angelic form of Jin Kazama.

Angel Jin is the product of Jin’s inner conflict, as he manages to fuse his Devil Gene with his Kazama Clan’s power.

What is the story behind Angel Jin and how does he play in Tekken 8?

Continue reading to learn all the details you need to know about the fascinating character, Angel Jin.

How Does Angel Jin Appear in Tekken 8?

Angel Jin is a new character in Tekken 8.

He is the result of Jin Kazama conquering his Devil Gene and combining its power with the Kazama Clan’s.

However, he first appeared in Tekken 8’s Story Mode after Jin returned to Yakushima and could speak with an apparition of his mother, Jun. 

Further, he stops Kazuya from destroying the island, and the two battle fiercely on a falling comet.

Angel Jin is Jin Kazama’s human counterpart and is voiced by Isshin Chiba. 

He has a white and gold outfit, glowing yellow eyes, and angelic wings. 

Contrarily, he is the main protagonist of Tekken 8 with two possible endings depending on the outcome of his final fight with Kazuya.

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How To Unlock Angel Jin In Tekken 8?

A perfect round is when you win a round without taking any damage from your opponent. 

In arcade mode, you must get a certain number of perfect rounds to fight different bosses.

However, it depends on the difficulty level and the character you choose.

To unlock Angel Jin, you need to get two perfect rounds and defeat True Devil Kazuya, the final boss of the story mode.

True Devil Kazuya is a mighty and aggressive opponent with a mix of moves from Kazuya, Azazel, and some new ones.

Devil jin vs kazuya
You need to get two perfect rounds and defeat True Devil Kazuya.

Additionally, he has a lot of super armor and can use Rage Arts like the Demonic Catastrophe.

You must be very careful and avoid his attacks as much as possible. 

However, if you defeat him, you will unlock the Despair trophy/achievement.

Significantly, it is one of the hidden endings of the story mode.

Alternate Way To Unlock Angel Jin

Alternatively, you can unlock Angel Jin by completing the Final Round in the Arcade Quest mode.

Arcade Quest mode is a new mode where you create your avatar.

Significantly, it is a unique quest that requires you to defeat all the previous bosses and Harada.

Further, you can compete in various arcades worldwide, with different challenges and quests.

The Final Round is the last region of the mode, where you face the strongest ghosts and the godfather of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada.

Contrarily, this will also grant you the Godfather trophy/achievement and some unique items for your avatar.

angel jin
Angel Jin is Jin Kazama’s human counterpart

Angel Jin’s Fighting Style And Moves

Jin’s fighting style combines Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts and Devil Gene powers. 

Generally, he has new moves that utilize his angelic wings, such as the Divine Cross, the Heaven’s Gate, and the Celestial Slash.

Significantly, his fighting style is versatile and effective.

 As a result, he can switch between close-range and long-range attacks, and use his wings to fly and evade.

He is one of the most powerful characters in Tekken 8, and his moves are listed below:

1. Divine Cross

Angel Jin performs a cross chop with both hands, sending a shockwave of light forward.

This move can be used as a projectile or a launcher, depending on the distance.

2. Heaven’s Gate

Angel Jin flies into the air and dives with a spinning kick, creating a pillar of light on impact.

Generally, this move can be used as a surprise attack or a combo ender.

3. Celestial Slash

Angel Jin slashes his opponent with his wings, causing them to spin in the air.

He can use this move as a combo starter or a wall bounce.

Jin slashes his opponent with his wings.

4. Spinning High Kick

Angel Jin performs a high kick that spins him around, hitting the opponent twice.

Thus, he can use this move as a poke or a counterattack.

5. Three Ring Circus

Angel Jin performs a series of kicks that end with a flip.

However, this move can be used as a mix-up or a knockdown.

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