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Temu Wishlist Button Missing: Cause And Fix

Temu is a secure E-commerce app that offers various products at super-discounted prices.

This app also provides users the feature wishlist to save different products for a later purchase.

However, users face a Wishlist Button Missing problem in the Temu app.

The Temu Wishlist Button Missing issue can be caused by various reasons such as Server or Connection issues, outdated app version, issues with app cache/data, and many more. To fix this issue, users can Update the app, Reboot their devices, clear out the Cache or Reinstall the app.
Continuing reading for detailed information on the causes and fixing for the Temu Wishlist Button Missing issue.

What Is Temu?

Temu is an online shopping platform where you can stumble upon fantastic things with a great deal while browsing through it.

Furthermore, the Temu app is excellent because it offers huge-discounted items directly from Chinese factories.

Also, it is compared to the big ecommerce companies because they have a massive variety of products, just like how Amazon has everything.

While browsing the app, you can add your favorite item to your cart for immediate purchase.

Otherwise, add them to your Wishlist to purchase later.

This allows the user to track the products they want to buy.

However, some people are facing issues and reported that their Temu Wishlist button has gone missing.

Possible Causes For Temu Wishlist Button Missing Issue

There are many possible reasons for the Temu Wishlist Button Missing Issue.

Here are some reasons why you are having this error;

1. Server Or Connection Issues

The problem in Temu’s server side can be one major cause of the Missing Wishlist problem.

Bad network connectivity or server outages can prevent the Wishlist from syncing with Temu’s server.

2. Outdated App Version

Using the app without updating it can also cause the Wishlist issue.

Furthermore, Temu regularly releases app updates with several bug fixes and improvements.

Therefore, not updating to the latest version can cause the Temu app to remove the Wishlist button.

3. Corrupted App Cache/Data

Cache/data are saved on your device as you open the app, and corrupted cached app data can be the reason for the Wishlist errors.

Once the cache data gets corrupted, it may cause a problem while loading the Wishlist.

4. Unauthorized Account Access

Another reason this issue can occur is when someone else accesses your Temu account without your permission.

They could interfere with the Wishlist, causing it to disappear from the app.

5. Account Sync Problems

Temu app is available on many platforms, including IOS and Android.

So, opening your account through multiple platforms can create a sync problem due to outdated app versions, connection errors, etc.

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Fixes For Temu Wishlist Button Missing Issue

Here are some fixes if you are facing a Wishlist Not Showing issue in your app;

1. Update The To Latest Version

The outdated app is the common reason behind the Wishlist issue.

Therefore, you can fix it simply by updating the app. The update can include bug fixes and improvements to resolve the Wishlist error.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

The Temu or any other app needs a stable network to maintain a smooth connection between the client and server.

So, any interruption in connection can cause this Wishlist issue.

You can fix this problem by Switching to stable high-speed WiFi, disabling any VPN or proxy if enabled, restarting the connection, or contacting the customer service of the ISP. 

3. Reinstall The Temu App

Another fix is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

This will remove the corrupted app files that can fix the Wishlist errors.

Temu Wishlist Button Missing
You can reinstall the app from the App Store or Play Store.

4. Clear App Cache And Data

As mentioned earlier, the corrupted Caches and data can cause the missing Wishlist button.

To solve this problem, you can force clear the app’s data to remove all the caches.

You can go to the app setting and clear the cache and data.

Clear cache
Users can clear the cache by navigating to the storage setting of the app.

Then, restart the app and ensure that the Wishlist button is there.

5. Contact Customer Service

Lastly, if the above method doesn’t work, you can contact Temu’s Customer Service.

Here are the steps for using Temu’s Customer service;

  1. Go to Temu App or browser.
  2. Navigate to the Help Center.
  3. Add the contact information to get direct assistance from the Temu customer service.
Reddit Temu
A Reddit user posted the fix for the Wishlist issue.

The Bottom Line

The Wishlist Button Missing can be caused due to some common reasons.

However, you can fix these issues by clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, or contacting the customer service of Temu.

These issues are standard on the app like Temu. However, the Temu releases regular updates to fix these issues.

Therefore, keep updating the app to reduce issues like these and have a smooth experience with the Temu app.

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