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Complete Terah Cktata In MK1: Easy Steps

Terah Cktata in Mk1 is a random invasion that will occur when players are trying to complete specific invasion missions.

Furthermore, like every klue in the game, it also contains a klue that players must fulfil to complete the mission.

Terah Cktata in Mk1 is a random invasion mission that will replace another invasion mission. The mission will provide you klue to complete it. However, to complete the mission, players must have Kano on their team and perform her fatality move.

This article discusses Terah Cktata and the method to complete it in Mk1.

What Is Terah Cktata In Mk1?

Terah Cktata is a clue that players will get during their playthrough of the Invasion mode in Mk1.

In invasion mode, players must fight against various enemies using different moves to complete them.

In this case, the clue will replace another clue during your playthrough of the Invasion.

Players have claimed that it differs at times, but most of the time, the clue will replace the invasion in the Shang Tsung laboratory.

However, players will also find that at certain times, it will randomly replace certain clues in the invasion mode they are trying to complete.

terah cktata mission Mk1
Terah Cktata replaces other invasion missions in Mk1.
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How To Complete Terah Cktata In Mk1?

Completing the Terah Cktata is relatively easy in Mk1.

The Klue to completing the event  is “Rearranged: Heart Attack.”

To perform the Kameo fatality, players must have Kano in their roster when going into the fight.

Then, they must perform the Kameo fatality. The exact inputs to perform the fatality are, Back, Down, Forward, and Kameo (Mid).

However, the controls can differ in different platforms: Playstation, Xbox and PPC.

In some instances, the players will call the “Heart Attack” fatality by the name “Heart Ripper,” as the inputs for the attack are the same.

complete terah cktata using kano's fatality
Players must perform Kano’s fatality in Mk1.

Players will also get rewards after completing the event in the fight.

Furthermore, players may find similar cases on M1, however, we do not know when it will happen.

Players can expect the developers to add various changes to the Klues when players are going through the Invasion mode of the game.

Additionally, unlike certain Kameo characters, players can have Kano as a kameo character from the beginning.

However, certain characters must be unlocked to have them as a kameo.

The Bottom Line

Kameos and fatalities alongside said Kameos are the bread and butter of Mk1.

The combination of these two is quite enticing for various players because different characters interact differently with each character.

Furthermore, adding the random invasion change that may or may not occur for the players brings in more excitement for players.

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