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The Arms Of Night In Skull And Bones: Get Contraband Weapons

The Arms of Night in Skull and Bones is a task involving defeating enemy ships or exploring hidden locations.

As players progress through the mission, they encounter a multitude of challenges and obstacles.

However, these challenges could range from confronting hostile enemy ships and navigating through treacherous weather conditions.

Continue reading to learn more about the Arms of Night and ways to complete it in Skull and Bones.

The Arms Of Night In Skull And Bones

The Arms of Night is a significant mission within the game Skull and Bones, developed by Ubisoft.

In this particular quest, players venture on an adventurous journey set in the pirate-themed world of the game.

These tasks may also include engaging in battles against enemy ships, retrieving valuable cargo, or exploring hidden locations.

Throughout the mission, players also have the opportunity to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) inhabiting the game world.

These NPCs may offer guidance and assistance or provide valuable insights into the lore and backstory.

developed by Ubisoft
The Arms of Night is a mission developed by Ubisoft.

In the context of the video depicting this mission, the narrative focuses on the Captain’s dialogue with a fellow companion.

The Captain expresses his weariness over the loss of comrades and harbors a deep-seated desire for revenge against the DMC.

He also speaks of his newfound resolve, shedding his fears and expressing readiness to confront any challenges that lie ahead.

Furthermore, the Captain recalls about a past friendship with van Kinkle, which ended in betrayal.

Accompanied by a steadfast ally, the Captain engages in a thrilling encounter with an enemy ship, showcasing his prowess in battle.

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Arms Of Night In Skull And Bones: Mission Guide

By following these steps and utilizing your skills and strategies, you can conquer this mission:

1. Receive Briefing

Begin by carefully paying close attention to the objectives outlined and any specific instructions the game gives.

This quest revolves around seeking revenge on the Dutch Merchant Company while rescuing valuable assets like the Sultana Crown.

Engaging with key characters, especially the Captain and allies, provides essential insights into the mission’s objectives.

2. Prepare Your Ship

Ensure that your ship is adequately equipped and upgraded for both combat and exploration.

This includes outfitting your vessel with suitable weapons, armor, and crew members to handle various challenges.

Likewise, utilize your navigational skills to sail across the ocean and pinpoint the specific area where the mission unfolds.

return with Contraband Weapons
You have to return to Rahma with the Contraband Weapons.

3. Engage In Battles

You should be ready to engage in intense ship-to-ship combat with enemy vessels.

Moreover, utilize your cannons, maneuverability, and tactical strategies to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents in battle.

Prepare to face various obstacles, including adverse weather conditions, environmental hazards, and relentless enemy attacks.

Hence, you can utilize available resources wisely, exploit enemy weaknesses, and employ creative tactics to achieve your goals.

4. Interact With NPCs

Interact with non-player characters (NPCs) who may offer valuable information or assistance throughout the mission.

As you progress through the mission, anticipate encountering various challenges and obstacles.

Upon completing the mission objectives, take a moment to celebrate your victory and also relish in the rewards earned for your efforts.

Therefore, uncover new challenges, secrets, and opportunities for loot as you continue your pirate journey.

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