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How To Find Clementine in Remnant 2?

Finding Clementine in Remnant 2 can be a hassle for new players. 

Clementine can set future events for the players to track New Archetypes and Inventories.

Players can Find Clementine in Remnant 2 at Ward 13 in the beginning stage of the game. Later, when Players lose her upon game progression, Players can find her in the Labyrinth.

Please continue reading to gather more details about Clemente and the location to find her. 

What Is Clementine?

Clementine is one of the game’s most potent Non-Player Characters(NPC). 

Remant 2 Finding Clementine is necessary as the character that guides players to unlock exclusive items.

The characters also act as merchants for trading or selling items. 

The Clementine NPC  is responsible for setting future events for players upon Disappearing at the World Stone

Clementine can act aggressively or be calm during the player’s conversation. 

Where To Find Clementine?

To Find Remnant  Clementine is a lot harder than players think.

As Clementine is one of the important NPCs in the game, players may need guidance to approach them.  

Players can interact with Clementine along with other characters like Brabus, Wallace and Ava.

Clementine can be tracked down for the first time when visiting Ward 13.

Ward 13 is also known as the Central hub for exchanging and buying items and inventories.  

In Contrast, Clementine is found to have sworn with Ford in the location. 

Following the events in the game, you can locate her in the Labyrinth after Clementine goes missing.

If players want to access the Labyrinth, they first have to complete an in-game event called Non-earth World

However, the character is hesitant to leave the Keeper while facing Annihilation

The Keeper is also an NPC  for helping  Clementine through the World Stone event. 

Whereas, Annihilation is the strong Enemy and the final Boss in Remnant 2. 

Players will need extreme skills and abilities if they ever reach close to the Final boss. 

How To Find Clementine?

If the players are trying to reach Clementine NPC in Ward 13, Follow the steps below;

  1. Complete Labyrinth Sentinel Quest and Grab the rewards.
Labyrinth Sentinel Quest
After completing the Labyrinth Sentinel quest, collect the rewards.
  1. After completing the previous Quest, Follow the platform and search for Fire Checkpoint.
Fire Checkpoint Remnant 2
Walk through and check in at the fire-like structure.
  1. Use the Check-in point to continue to another platform. 
  2. Walkthrough until you see an Eye-like structure. 
Eye-like structure remnant 2
Follow the route until you see an Eye-like structure.
  1. The Eye-like structure will attack you, but Clementine will save you from the threat. 
  2. You can meet with Clementine and engage in conversation
Remnant 2 Find Clemnant
Interacting with Clementine at Ward 13.

Clementine Quest in Renmant 2

Clementine Quest has a connecting event with the main Quest in Remnant 2.

The Quest is intertwined with the main Quest of the game.

Players need to assist Clementine and The Keeper on the walkthrough. 

The Bottom Line

Clementine is a powerful NPC that guides players through future events and missions.

She can be found right away at Ward 13 with Ford initially.

Furthermore, the player can track her in the Labyrinth after losing her in the mid-game.  

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