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Unraveling The Weakness Of Spurned Progeny

Spurned Progeny is among the most potent and challenging Bosses In Lords of the Fallen.

Furthermore, players must defeat this Boss to progress further in the game.

Spurned Progeny’s Weakness in Lords Of The Fallen is that he has a slow and telegraph attack, making it easy to read and dodge.

This article discusses the Spurned Progeny, its weakness and the rewards after defeating it in Lords of the Fallen.

Who Is Spurned Progeny?

Spurned Progeny is a gigantic fiery beast at the end of the Calrath slums.

Its insane damage-dealing attack makes him one of Lord of the Fallen’s challenging bosses to defeat.

Spurned Progeny
Spurned Progeny is a colossal boss that can one-shot you with its attack.

Additionally, once the Boss loses 80% of his health, it splits lava on the floor, forcing players to attack with ranged weapons.

The Boss also has several attacks, such as Ground Slam, Fist Slam, Claw Sweep, Ignite AoE Slam and many more.

The attacks are slow but can defeat you in just one shot. So, if you are not careful, you may die in a single shot.

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Weakness Of Spurned Progeny

The Spurned Progeny’s weakness is its slow and telegraph attacks.

Further, its weakness is the Smite Status effect as it is vulnerable to Holy Damage.

During the Fight, it starts dealing with several basic attacks, which can also expand into fire attacks.

Ensure you have a ranged weapon like magic or a bow or crossbow to deal damage after climbing a fire-ridden tower.

Additionally, this Boss receives more damage when attacked from a close range.

The Boss will attack in a pattern you will have time to dodge, so make sure to use every opportunity.

How Can You Defeat Spurned Progeny?

First and foremost, This Boss has two phases, and phase two is the longest and most frustrating part of this Boss fight.

Before starting the boss fight, use a Vestige Seed to spawn outside Spurned Progeny’s boss area.

Because the nearest Ancient Vestige is quite far, and you have to make a quiet hike to get back to the Boss.

Here is the step-by-step guide to defeating the Boss in all phases;

Phase One

During phase one, you will fight in a circle area from close range.

Here is the step-by-step guide to surviving on phase one;

  • You need the best position to deal damage and dodge boss attacks.
  • Furthermore, he frequently unleashes hand slam attacks at the front that are hard to avoid.
  • Along with the fire pillar attack and hand swipe.
  • You can stay out of the hand Swipe if you lock on its thin foot, not the burning one.
  • However, dodging the flame pillar can be challenging, while the timing of the second and last one is quite different.
  • Furthermore, once you are far from the Boss, the Boss may slam the ground, creating a wave of fire.
Spurned Progeny Weakness
In Phase One, keep attacking his left glowing foot while dodging its attack.
  • So, stick close to glowing feet and deal with damage while dodging.

Phase Two

Here is the step-by-step guide to surviving on phase two;

  • Phase two starts after the Boss reaches 80%.
  • Then, the Boss will spit the lava, making the floor full of lava.
Spurned Progeny Weakness
Go to the second platform once the Boss starts spiting the lava.
  • Once the floor begins to fill with lava, run to flights of stars.
  • Now, players can use ranged weapons or spells on this floor.
  • Take benefit of them while the Boss is approaching you.
Range attack
Attack with the ranged weapon while the Boss is walking toward you.
  • Once the Boss reaches you, it will try to swipe and smash you with his hand.
  • You will know when the attack comes; dodge it and quickly land a hit or two.
  • It will also use mount slams, sending out a shockwave of flames.
  • When it does, roll through the shockwave to dodge it.
  • Furthermore, if the Boss goes on their knees, it will charge you and try to ram you three times.
Ram Attack
The Boss will ram-attack you three times in a row.
  • Again, dodge to the side each time and try to land a hit on the hand.
  • Lastly, during the endgame, the Boss suddenly creates a massive fireball that kills you in one shot.
Spurned Progeny Weakness
The Boss creates an enormous fireball that can be dodged if you stay behind the broken wall.
  • Players must hide behind the little broken walls along pathways between platforms to block or dodge it.
  • After that, the lava in the arena subsides, allowing you to go near the Boss and fight him as phase one.
  • However, you need to finish the Boss quickly.
  • Because he will explode again, forcing you to go behind that broken wall again.

So, this boss fight will last longer, and you need patience to finish it.

Rewards After Defeating Spurned Progeny

After defeating the Boss, players will be rewarded with some exciting items.

Here are the items you will obtain after defeating the Progeny:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Spurned Progeny Flesh
  • x1 Giant Eyeball

When you soulflay the stigma after defeating the Boss, then you will get:

  • x1 Remembrance of a Spurned Progeny
  • x2 Umbral Scouring

Additionally, if you offer the remembrance of the Spurned Progeny to Molhu (Merchant), you will get :

  • Magma Surge
  • Charred Root

The Bottom Line

Spurned Progeny is the Boss that looks like a giant fire beast.

However, the Boss’s weakness is its slow attacks that the players can dodge easily.

Although defeating this Boss takes time, players can easily defeat it with proper strategy and equipment.

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