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The Day Before: Is It An Asset Flip?

At any marketplace such as Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and the Nintendo eShop, you’ll find games with flipped assets.

However, people are accusing The Day Before as flip assets.

Throughout the pre-release period, players claimed that The Day Before is an Asset Flip game and scam, with over 10,000 negative reviews.

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What Is Asset Flip: Is It Bad?

An Asset flip is a term applied to the practice in which a video game developer legally purchases pre-made assets.

A video game developer uses them to create numerous permutations of generic games and sell them at low prices.

However, using pre-made assets to make your game fine, as long as your game is playable is good.

Sometimes, lack of originality, bugs, glitches, and other issues, lead to a negative player experience.

Similarly, it becomes a problem when people rip an entire base game from the Unity or Unreal Asset store and sell it as their own for profit.

However, in the pre-release period of The Day Before, players are disappointed with the lack of innovation.

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People Claiming The Day Before Asset Flip

The Day Before is a topic on a lot of people’s minds at the moment.

However, there are a lot of arguments going back and forth between people and the mods.

Moreover, throughout the pre-release period, The Day Before has been accused of being an asset flip.

People claiming it as an asset flip game.
People are claiming The Day Before as an asset flip game.

Over the years, The Day Before has been the subject of controversy for various reasons like delays, broken promises, and more.

However, if the promotional material doesn’t accurately represent the actual game, players may feel misled and express their dissatisfaction.

Players claimed that this game is just like Deathly Stillness as Derby Falls is the same, and crosshair and the way zombies flop and fall are similar.

Hence, The Day Before dev Fntastic releases a statement about the survival game, insisting it’s real, not a scam, and apologizing for trailers.

Dev Insists It’s Not An Asset Flip

The Day Before launched into Early Access last week, on December 7.

Consequently, The Day Before also received enough negative reviews from players to place it into the 10 worst-reviewed games on Steam.

The Day Before not a scam Asesst Flip
The Day Before, the developer addressed that it is not a scam or Asesst Flip.

During the whole pre-release period of The Day Before, it has been accused of being an asset flip.

However, The Day Before Dev Fntastic releases a statement about the survival game.

In the statement, they apologized for not doing the best marketing and teasers and promised to improve it in the future.

Moreover, developers claim that it is not a scam or an asset flip based on Unreal Engine 5 stock tools.

They state that their team worked day and night for five years to make our dream game a reality.

However, they are ready to accept any criticism and don’t hold a grudge against the players.

The Bottom Line

Controversies in video games can arise due to various reasons, including content, marketing strategies or developer actions.

The Day Before is getting a lot of hate because of not doing the best marketing and teasers.

However, the developers apologized for doing so and promised to improve the game by adding more content.

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