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Last Epoch Reflect On The Past Or Future: Monolith Of Fate

In Last Epoch, players have the option to reflect on the past or future storylines after completing the main story.

Players can find these storylines under the game mode called the Monolith of Fate where players must fight in different timelines.

However, the massive world, lore, and mechanics make this game mode quite confusing for Last Epoch players.

Continue reading this article to learn how to reflect on the past or future in the Last Epoch.

Reflect On The Past Or Future In The Last Epoch

The Last Epoch revolves around various timelines, making time travel an essential game feature.

Specifically, players must unlock and participate in the Monolith of Fate to partake in these storylines.

The Monolith of Fate is an end-game feature that allows players to experience stories of 10 different timelines.

Monolith of fate reflect on past or future last epoch
Access Monolith of Fate to reflect on past or future Last Epoch.

However, players must note that the decisions made in these timelines can alter their reality or even create a different timeline.

 Also, each of these timelines has its specific missions, bosses, and rewards to provide a variety in gameplay.

Therefore, learning about them is essential if players want to clear all 10 Monoliths in the game.

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Monolith Of Fate Mechanics In Last Epoch

Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch allows players to jump into different timelines to make changes in the story.

There are 10 different timelines in this mode, where each timeline explores a different “what if” scenario.

In addition, players can modify each level’s characteristics like difficulty, rewards, and Stability.

Players must complete Echoes to gain Stability, which also unlocks additional Quest Echoes.

Quest Echoes are unique story missions specific to each storyline with their scenarios and boss fights.

After defeating a timeline, players can earn Blessings that provide permanent buffs for their character.

Moreover, players can unlock high-level timelines after clearing the level 90 timeline to access rarer rewards.

The Monolith is a giant web of interconnected timelines, confusing navigation for players.

Therefore, they must learn these tips to unravel the secrets of the Monolith easily:

  • Players can access the Monolith from The End of Time which is the Time Zone of the game.
end of time last epoch
End Of Time In Last Epoch gives access to Monoliths.
  • Players can only unlock this town after defeating the Ruined Emperor’s Corpse at the end of the Ruined Era.
  • There is also a map feature called the Echo Web, a network of interconnected Echoes.
  • Echoes provide a way for players to gain Stability and unlock Quest Echoes.
  • Players must strategically choose which Echoes to attempt based on modifiers and rewards.
  • All 10 Echoes are not unlocked simultaneously as players must progress through each echo.
  • Players must defeat the timeline boss of each Echo to clear the echo and receive blessings.

All Timelines In The Monolith In Last Epoch

Here is a list of all timelines in the Monolith, including their Boss, Loot, and Rewards:

NameBossBoss LootRewards
Fall of the OutcastsAbominationWoven Flesh (Level 51 Body Armour)
Strands of Souls (Level 82 Belt)
Flayer's Pride (Level 65 Shield)
Flight of the First (Level 58 Rogue-exclusive Bow)
The Stolen LanceGod Hunter ArgentusWings of Argentus (Level 82 Body Armour)
Wings of Argentus (Level 82 Body Armour)
Throne of Ambition (Level 1 Adorned Idol)
Omnividence (Level 70 Two-Handed Staff)
Cinder Song (Level 40 Wand)
The Black SunRahyeh, the Black SunEternal Eclipse (Level 72 Two-Handed Sword)
Dark Shroud of Cinders (Level 66 Body Armour)
Calamity (Level 7 Helmet)
Bastion of Honour (Level 50 Shield)
Blood, Frost, and DeathFormosus the UndyingEulogy of Blood (Level 83 One-Handed Axe)Titan Heart (Level 41 Body Armour)
Valeroot (Level 35 Body Armour)
Ending the StormLagonStormcarved Testament (Level 78 Relic)
Eye of Storms (Level 85 Amulet)
Salt the Wound (Level 62 Gloves)
Fighting Chance (Level 15 Gloves)
Fall of the EmpireHarton's Husk

Anchor of Oblivion (Level 80 Relic)
Bulwark of the Last Abyss (Level 80 Shield)
Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding (Level 14 Belt)
Chains of Uleros (Level 32 Belt)
Reign of Dragons
Emperor of Corpseswisted Heart of Uhkeiros (Level 80 Relic)Eye of Reen (Level 70 One-Handed Sword)
Gladiator's Oath (Level 31 One-Handed Sword)
Death's Embrace (Level 75 Two-Handed Axe)
Aurelis (Level 50 One-Handed Sword)
The Last RuinElder GasparRavenous Void (Level 91 Gloves)
Sacrificial Embrace (Level 81 Gloves)
Valdyr's Chalice (Level 64 Relic)
Soulfire (Level 34 Relic)
The Age of Winter

HeorotReign of Winter (Level 70 Rogue-exclusive Bow)
Yulia's Path (Level 79 Boots)
Devotion (Level 71 Amulet)
Bleeding Heart (Level 4 Amulet)
Sunwreath (Level 21 Ring)
Spirits of Fire

Immortal Shamans

Logi's Hunger (Level 82 Amulet)|

Trinity of Flames (Level 1 Adorned idol)
Lessons of the Metropolis (Level 1 Boots)
Fiery Dragon Shoes (Level 67 Boots)
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