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How To Solve Splish Splash Klue In MK1?

In MK1, the new invasion mode requires players to fight several enemies and obtain exciting rewards.

Furthermore, players also receive Klue’s on each map they need to solve.

Klue Splish Splash in MK1 is a Klue that players get on the first Invasion map. Furthermore, you can solve it by winning a match using RRain and its brutality.

This article will discuss Klue Splish Splash, how to Do it and other klue in Mk1.

What Is Invasion Klue In MK1?

Invasion Klues are the puzzles hidden in MK1’s new invasion Mode.

Players will encounter more than 12 Klues, cryptic words or phrases throughout the invasion move.

Klue Splish Splash
Players get the certain Klue once they enter the Invasion mode.

Each Klue is bound with small tasks you need to complete to move further and unlock new gears.

The task involves solving the Slues and then defeating enemies in specific ways to continue.

However, solving the puzzle can be challenging, as you need to know every character’s move list, Fatalities and Brutality.

Once the solving part is complete, you must perform a Specific Fatality or move a certain amount of time.

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How To Solve Splish Splash Klue In Mk1?

Klue Splish Splash, one of the new Klue added in the Omni-Man update. Players will get this klue on the first invasion map.

This Klue comes along with another Klue called Body Blender. Furthermore, Many players are confused about how to solve this Klue.

However, the solution of this Klue is quite simple and easy to perform. To Do the Splish Splash Klue, players must finish the match with Rain’s Grab Brutality.

Rain's Brutality
Players performing the Rain’s Grab Brutality

After that,  during the animation, tap any attack button. Now, here is the step-by-step guide to doing Klue Splish Splash:

  1. Firstly, get into the fire temple in Invasion Mode.
  2. Then, get into the match and pick Rain.
  3. After that, attack the opponent with a splash attack.
  4. Once the opponent is at little HP, you must perform the Grab Brutality.
  5. To do the brutality, press the down and triangle.

This is how you can do the Klue Splish Splash in Mortal Kombat 1. However, along with this Klue, other New klues are in the game.

Solution To Other New Invasion Klues

Here are all the new Invasion Klues added after the Omni-Man Update to MK1:

  • OHME NRU (Home run): You have to finish a match in invasion mode with Darrius’ Fatality.
  • YZARK TIHSTAB: In this Klue, you must use Nitara’s first fatality to finish the match. To perform it, you have to press down, down, left, and box on PlayStation.
  • BODY BLENDER: You will get this Klue along with Splish Splash, and to solve it, you have to finish the match with Kenshi or Baraka’s first fatality.
  • BESOS: End the match with Sonya’s Fatality.
  • SPICY KETCHUP: Defeat the opponent with Sektor’s First Brutality.
  • EHT GIB GNAK YROETH: Perform Liu Kang’s First Fatality and end the match.
  • PCAM TOMBO: Complete the match by performing Jax’s Fatality.
  • MIND BLOWN: Do the Montero’s Fatality to end the match.

Reward After Solving The Klue

Players can access the Seasonal content by playing the Invasion Mode.

Klues are how players unlock content like unlockable paths, items and other rewards.

Furthermore, they also help to unlock some Easter eggs and mini-games and test your might.

The Bottom Line

Invasion Klues are like the Scrambled world that players need to solve and complete the task.

Klue Splish Splash is the new Klue introduced in the Omni-man Patch update.

Furthermore, this klue mainly asks you to finish a match using Rain’s Grab Brutality.

Hopefully, this article has guided you to solve the Splish Splash Klue and provided insight into the klues.

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