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How To Find The Way Of The Wanderer In BG3?

The Way of the Wanderer is one of the exclusive items in BG3.

Players can extract the item after exploring one of the locations.

The Way of the Wanderer is found after completing a Quest in Last Light Inn, Shadow-cursed Land. The exclusive item is obtained from Ide after Passing the Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion Check. 

Continure Reading below to verify the exact location and the usage of the Way of the Wanderer. 

What Is The Way Of The Wanderer In BG3?

The Way of The Wanderer is among the vital material in Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

Moreover, Players can obtain the item in the Light Light Inn location.

In addition, the Tower-shaped Key is another item to extract there.

Like any other location, the Last Light Inn consists of various Quests, enemies and these items to succeed in future events.

Players can obtain the exclusive item if they complete a sequence of events.

How To Reach The Way Of The Wanderer?

If Players are willing to reach the Light Light Inn, they must head to an intersection in Ruined Battlefield.

Else, when Players head inside, they will meet Jaheira, which leads to the future Quests.

Further, Players have to build a series of conversations with Jaheira.

Then, Players need to activate the Waypoint in the Last Light Inn.

Over there, Players can hear someone shouting, known as Quartermaster Talli character.

If Players pass the Perception check, they can get free items from the Talli.

Furthermore, ensure to walk through the pavement and continue the event.

Then, Players must pass the Nature Check in the actual inn, which will lead to the Tiefling.

Interacting with the Tiefling with Karlach in the party will assist players two get the Tower-shaped Key.

Moreover, the Key will eventually help release the captured Gnomes.

Further, if Players continue the Walkthourgh, they will reach Rolan.

Over there, Players can find the abuser of Tiefling Kids, who will be around with Idi and Umi.

Players who complete the Persuasion or Deception check will eventually get the Way of the Wanderer.

How To Find The Way Of The Wanderer In BG3?

For those Players who want to extract the Way of the Wanderer Item, ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Head to the Last Light Inn, the underground location of the Shadow-cursed Land.
Last Light Inn
Visit the Last Light Inn.
  1. Obtain the Tower-shaped Key from Mattis.
Tower Shaped Key
Get the Towe-shaped Key from Mattis.
  1. Meet with Cerys, His Majesty, Alfira and Head to the Rolan’s Hall
the way of the wanderer bg3
Head to the Rolan’s Hall.
  1. Obtain The Way of the Wanderer from Ide by succeeding the Percuation Check.
the way of the wanderer bg3
Complete the Percuation Check to Receive the Way of the Wanderer.

Further, after receiving the item, Players must interact with Isobelle.

After a while, the Flaming Fist Marcus and his companions will attack the Players.

Players must commence the battle and later defeat Karlach Thorm to complete the Quest.

The Botton Line

The Way of the Wanderer is among the exclusive items in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players can extract that item in the Last Light Inn at the Shadow-Cursed Island.

However, Players must confront Ide with Persuasion check to snatch the item from Rolan.

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