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How To Build Gloomstalker Assassin In BG3?

The Gloomstalker Assassin is one of the strongest Multiclass builds that can deal huge damage in BG3. 

The build is regarded as one of the notorious combos between the two different sub-classes.

To Build the Gloomstalker Assassin, players have to combine two classes, Ranger and Rogue. The best combination is maximizing Dexterity, selecting Wolf Elf, using Sharpshooter, and unlocking the Assassin Sub-class.

Continure to discover the build guide and abilities of the Gloomstalker Assassin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Gloomstalker Assassin In BG3?

The GloomStalker Assassin is the amount the potent Sub-classes combos in the BG3.

The Character has an extraordinary ability in battles and assists in quickly completing events.

However, Gloom Stalker Assassin consists of two completely different classes.

The Gloom Stalker is the sub-class of the Ranger Class. On the other hand, Assassin comes under the Rogue Class. 

Both Ranger’s and Rogue’s  Key ability is Dexterity which makes the combination more proficient.

The Dexterity features in different sub-classes assist players to land a Hit damage and initiate a fight.

Moreover, this class specializes in Dexterity checks including Sleight of Hands, Stealth, and Acrobatics.

Eventhough the Primary abilities of Gloomstalker and Assassin are the same, their saving throw abilities differ. 

Gloomstalker focuses on Strength and Dexterity whereas, Assassins are Intelligent and Dexteritant. 

Both the sub-classes have Dice Hit abilities of 1d10 and 1d8 respectively.

Still, they have common proficiency in Simple Weapons, with Light armor; however other abilities still differ. 

Moreover, the skill varies whenever players progress through the games.

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How To Build the Best Gloomstalker Assassin?

For Players searching for the best Gloomstaler Build, be sure to follow the procedure:

  1. Maximize the Dexterity and balance out the Ability Points in the Ranger Class of Gloomstalker.
Increase the Dexterity ability in the Gloomstalker sub-class.
  1. Select the Wolf Elf as the Race and Arcery as the Fighting Style.
Wolf Elf
Choose the Wof Elf Race and Archery Style.
  1. After unlocking Gloomstalker in Level 3, Select Sharpshooter over the Crossbow Expert.
Select the Sharpshooter ability over Crossbow Expert.
  1. After getting an extra attack at Level 5, choose either Pass Without Trace or Lesser Restoration. 
    Pass Without Trace
    Choose the Pass Without Traceability. 
  1. When Players unlock Rogue Class 1 at level 6, pick up the Cunning Action to Dash and use the Bonus action.
gloomstalker assassin bg3
Unlock the Dash Cunning action at level 1 Rogue.
  1. Select the Assassin sub-class in the Rogue class.
gloomstalker assassin bg3
Choose the Assassin sub-class in the Rogue.

After unlocking the Assassin sub-class, Players can have proficiency in Disguided and Poisononer  Kit.

However, the Poinous kit will assist players in the Alchemy Crafting System.

Moreover, with the Gloomstalker Assasin, players will have a significant advantage on attack rolls on any enemy.

Further, Players will have a guaranteed Critical hit if enemies are surprised. 

When using this combined subclass, ensure to use the bonus action to be in stealth mode or attack.

In addition, when players progress through the levels they can unlock new abilities and skills.

Assasicnate: Initiative and Ambush, Assassin’s Alacrity, and Infiltration Exterpise are a few actions and features.

The Bottom Line

Gloomstalker Assassin is a mixture of two different Classes, Ranger and Rogue.

The combination is formed by starting with higher Dexterity and Selecting Wolf Elf as Race.

Further, after upgrading the levels, select Sharpshooter, and unlock the Assassin Sub-class.

Lastly, Players can use the Character for extensive attacks and complete events conveniently.

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