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Befriend Cobra In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just introduced critters in their new biome update where players can encounter a Cobra.

However, the Cobra is a very elusive critter as it runs away as soon as it senses danger.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can encounter and befriend a cobra around the Glittering dune biome after feeding it a Scorpion. However, approaching a cobra is quite hard as he is quick to escape from the players.

Continue reading this article to learn about the cobra in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Introduction To The Cobra In Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley frequently adds more updates to the game, adding more characters and biomes.

Similarly, they have released three new biomes in their newest expansion called A Rift in Time.

Additionally, they have added critters to the game which can be found within these three biomes.

Cobra Dreamlight Valley
The appearance of the Cobra critter in Dreamlight Valley.

However, players are excited about the Cobra, one of the three new critter additions found in the Eternity Isle.

The Cobra is an elusive critter that constantly hisses and slithers around the map.

Hence, players must be on alert as soon as they spot one because finding one is very hard.

However, players can befriend this cobra to make it join them after a successful encounter.

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How To Find The Cobra In Dreamlight Valley?

Finding the cobra is a daunting task as it only spawns in certain biome locations in the isle.

Specifically, players can find the cobra in the biome named the Glittering Dune: a new biome addition.

Location Of Cobra
Glitter Dune is the habitat of the cobra in Dreamlight Valley.

Additionally, the cobra spawns around the west side of the dune around the swamp region.

Players can easily spot the cobra as it constantly stands up to scan its surroundings.

Also, players should listen to the hissing sound in the dune to easily track it down.

However, approaching one is very difficult, as it was designed to run away as much as possible.

How To Approach And Befriend The Cobra?

Players must learn some in-game mechanics to successfully approach the cobra by following some steps.

Also, they must learn about the cobra’s favorite food to befriend it in the game.

Here are some steps that players must follow to approach and befriend the cobra:

  1. Firstly, players must learn that the cobra has two phases: the alert phase and the relaxed phase.
  2. During the alert phase, the cobra elongates its neck to scan for the surroundings.
  3. Hence, players should not move and stand still until the cobra ends this phase.
  4. The cobra will run away to a further distance if it is alerted during this phase.
  5. On the other hand, the cobra lays flat on the ground during its relaxed phase.
  6. Furthermore, the cobra does not run away, even if players approach it during this phase.
  7. The cobra frequently switches between these two phases. Hence, they must time these sequences until they get close to the cobra.
Giving scorpion to the cobra
Giving the Scorpion to the Cobra to Befriend it
  1. Afterward, when a player successfully approaches a cobra, it will curl up, triggering the player inventory screen.
  2. Finally, players must give a Scorpion to the cobra(his favorite food) to befriend him quickly.

Moreover, players must master the aforementioned steps to tame cobras whenever they see one in the game.

The Bottom Line

The addition of the cobra adds an element of surprise to the game as it is a tameable critter which is quite unexpected.

However, players must learn how to approach and feed it to successfully befriend it.

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