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Can You Make Threads Only Show Following Contents?

Threads is a new app from Meta that aims to compete with Twitter by focusing on text conversations and leveraging Instagram’s user base.

However, users report that their news feed contains content from different unknown accounts rather than their following accounts.

In the Threads app, you cannot choose only to show the following in your feed, you will be watching different posts randomly or according to the Threads app algorithm. However, developers say that they are working on many features including a following feed.

In this article, we will explore what Threads is, how to use it, and if you can choose only to show the following in the Threads feed.

How Does Threads App Work?

Threads is a new app by Meta, the company that owns Instagram, that aims to compete with Twitter as a platform for text-based conversations.

introduction to threads
Threads is a new app by Meta that aims to compete with Twitter.

Users can write short posts of up to 500 characters, called threads, including links, photos and videos up to five minutes long.

Furthermore, Users can also repost, quote and like other threads and share them to other platforms or messaging apps.

You can log in to Threads with your Instagram account and follow the same people you follow on Instagram.

Threads app is available in over 100 countries on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

However, it is not available in the European Union due to data protection concerns.

Read on to learn how to create multiple accounts in the Threads app and which is better between Threads Vs. Bluesky.

How To Choose Only To Show Following In Threads Feed?

Instagram gives you three options to customize your feed according to your preferences: Home, Following and Favorites.

You can access these options by tapping the Instagram logo at the app’s top.

following and favorites in instagram
Instagram gives you options to customize your feed.

However, there is no option in the Threads app to customize your feeds like on Instagram.

Users report that different unknown accounts and news feeds about those accounts are flooding their feeds.

Furthermore, Threads showed them posts from accounts that they didn’t follow even when they selected the following option.

This may be a bug or a glitch that needs to be fixed by the developers.

Moreover, you can try to mute or hide the accounts that you don’t want to see content on your feed.

mute or hide accounts in Threads
You can hide or mute content from unknown accounts.

The accounts you mute or hide will not show on your feed, and you can enjoy watching feeds from your following accounts and pages.

You can also check if there is an update available, download and install it.

In addition, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri says that they are working on adding more features like search, hashtags, and a following feed.

He says they rank posts lightly and show recommendations in the feed, which is particularly important for a new app before people follow enough accounts.

Moreover, the following feed will be added later by the developers in the future, it is not available at the moment.

The Bottom Line

Threads is an ambitious attempt by Meta to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the online conversation space.

However, Threads also faces some challenges, such as competing with Twitter’s established brand and loyal fanbase.

Furthermore, many features are unavailable, like the following feed.

Hopefully, along with the following feed other features will add to the Threads application.

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