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How To Do TikTok Comment Glitch?

TikTok comment glitch is performable through the exploit of language change and symbols.

However, multiple exploits may result in the suspension of the account.

TikTok comment glitch allows users to put an empty comment. The glitch is performable through a language change and the use of a specific symbol.  However, we advise the users not to exploit such glitches due to the chances of getting a permanent ban or a temporary suspension.

Furthermore, there are other ways to get the same result on TikTok.

This article discusses the TikTok comment glitch and how to perform it.

What Is TikTok Comment Glitch?

Currently, there is a glitch in TikTok that allows users to post empty comments.

Furthermore, this glitch also allows the users to increase the number of comments in any creator’s comment section.

Thus, this glitch can artificially increase the engagement rate of any creator on the platform.

However, since it is a glitch, the developers are probably already working on fixing the issue.

Furthermore, exploiting glitches like these is not as punishable as it is in games.

Thus, if you exploit the glitch, you will not be penalized for it that hard.

However, we advise users not to exploit any form of glitch because you can end up getting a temporary suspension of your account.

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How To Do Comment Glitch On TikTok?

Follow the steps outlined below to perform the TikTok comment glitch;

  1. First, head to the comment section of any video from a creator.
  2. Then, during the comment process, change your language to Vietnamese.
Change language for Tiktok comment glitch
Change language to perform the TikTok comment glitch.
  1. Then, simply use the symbol shown in the image.
Symbol for TikTok comment glitch
Use the highlighted symbol to perform the TikTok comment glitch
  1. This causes the comment section of TikTok not to register the symbol, thus making the comment invisible.

This method works on both IOS and Android. However, users can do this glitch even more efficiently in the case of IOS.

To perform this glitch on IOS, users must simply hold the microphone icon for about 2 seconds, however they should not talk during that time.

This will register the comment but end up as an empty one.

Users can also put up an empty comment using a specific emoji. The emoji goes by the name “Zero width joiner.”

This emoji is a blank emoji, thus, this also allows users to put out empty comments.

However, this is not a glitch but rather just an emoji that is not visible.

Thus, the chances of users getting a suspension for this is nearly zero.

The Bottom Line

Glitches can be discovered in any application, and TikTok is no exception to it either.

The comment glitch shows that users can find a loophole of sorts on any platform.

Thus, a proper testing area should be mandatory in any application that is in development.

However, the exploits and glitches that the users discover also add a sense of accomplishment for the users.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in enjoying the glitch for a bit before it gets a fix from the developers of TikTok.

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