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TikTok Wrapped Tutorial – Complete Guide

Tiktok is a social video-sharing platform owned by the Chinese Internet company ByteDance.

You can use Tiktok Wrapped by downloading your Tiktok data from the application and using a third-party website to wrap your year and entire Tiktok history.

Additionally, it is the most downloaded application of 2022, with 672 million downloads.

This explains the popularity of the app and the need to create something like Wrapped.

Read on to learn more about Tiktok Wrapped and how to use it properly.

What Is TikTok Wrapped?

Tiktok Wrapped is a yearly recap of your activities, giving you information.

The information includes your screen time on the app, how many videos you have watched, the most used emoji, the most used sound, the most used effects, etc.

Ultimately, the website gives you a persona according to your activities on Tiktok. The concept was created by Bennett Hollstein in 2021.

How To Use TikTok Wrapped?

Tiktok Wrapped is not available on the application as a feature but is available on a different website.

Follow these steps to use the Tiktok Wrapped;

  1. Go to your Tiktok profile and click the three dots in the top right corner.
tiktok account settings
The three dots to go to Tiktok settings.
  1. Choose Settings and Privacy.
tiktok settings and privacy
Settings and privacy section of Tiktok.
  1. Tap on the Account option.
tiktok settings account
Tap on the Account option.
  1. Download your Tiktok data for Wrapped.
tiktok download data
Tap on your Tiktok data for Wrapped.
  1. Make sure you select the JSON file, which is machine-readable. Then, click on Request Data.
the json data
Tiktok’s JSON data file download for Wrapped
  1. The data take a few days to arrive. After the data has arrived, the Zip file will be available in the Download Data section.
the download data tab
The downloaded data will be in the Download Data option.
  1. Go to the Wrapped website to wrap your year in terms of Tiktok.
  2. Once on the website, select the black tab that says, “I have my Tiktok data exported.”
tiktok wrapped website
Go to the Tiktok-wrapped website
  1. Finally, click on the select file to upload the file you downloaded.
tiktok get data
Tiktok wrapped get started to wrap your year

Finally, you’ll be able to get your Tiktok Wrapped data.

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Sharing Your Tiktok Wrapped

One other exciting aspect of Tiktok Wrapped is the ability to share your results with friends and followers.

Most websites allow sharing your Wrapped statistics on different social media platforms.

You can celebrate your information and engage in friendly discussions with fellow Tiktokers.

Tiktok Wrapped is fun and reflective; however, it also provides valuable insights to enhance your journey.

In addition, the data can help create content that resonates with the audience by giving different information.

The information includes active days, popular themes, your most popular content, etc.

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The Bottom Line

Tiktok Wrapped is a feature that allows users to celebrate their journey and gain valuable insights.

However, the feature is unavailable in the app, and you must use third-party website.

Hence, users and content creators can benefit from the Wrapped data using those websites.

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