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Discover Everything About The Time Coder In Brawl Stars

Time Coder in Brawl Stars is a code in the Starr Park CCTV which players are cracking on their own.

Numbers and codes were appearing on security camera footage from Starr Park.

Players have collaborated on different platforms and discovered the codes.

The Time Coder in Brawl Stars is a community-discovered code found in Starr Park’s CCTV footage, allowing players to access unique in-game events through working codes like 04/11/95 15:36:22 and 05/11/95 16:01:52.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Time Coder in Brawl Stars.

When Did The Codes First Appear In Brawl Stars?

Players have reported random numbers appearing in the Starr Park CCTV.

There have been various fan theories for what those numbers might be.

People believe they are codes corresponding to dates and other clues in the game.

Therefore, by comparing the numbers to dates and events, players are able to solve the codes.

The first codes players noticed and started trying to crack appeared in a June 2021 YouTube video.

The official Brawl Stars Channel uploaded the video, and players have recognized random codes.

As Brawl Stars are releasing more Starr Park CCTV clips, more codes are appearing.

Players consider the codes as a puzzle and are determined to solve them.

What Is The Time Coder In Brawl Stars?

By analyzing the codes in various videos, players have concluded that the codes are dates or times.

Many YouTubers and other personalities have discovered various codes; some are working codes, while some are not.

However, there are many working codes discovered by players all around the world.

Whenever you enter a working code, footage is displayed on the monitor.

Moreover, different codes will display different footage on the CCTV monitor.

time coder working code
You can add a working code in the Time Coder section.
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What Are The Working Codes In Time Coder Brawl Stars?

The most common working code in the Time Coder is 04/11/95 15:36:22.

This code displays footage of a shop which players find interesting to watch.

Another code is 05/11/95 16:01:52, which displays another footage where you will see two characters in a blast.

footage working code time coder
Footage that displays after using the code.

How To Use The Time Coder Codes?

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Time Coder codes:

  1. To use the time coder codes in Brawl Stars, you must first go to the Starr Park Security system.
  2. Click on the camera option in the lobby and press enter when a text appears.
  3. Click on the table, and you’re able to start the monitor.
  4. Once you open the monitor, a Starr Park logo will show.
  5. Choose the access security system option.
  6. There you will find two options: Security Archives and Time Coder.
  7. Select the Time Coder, and you will find empty fields where you must enter some codes to access.
time coder brawl stars
Choose the Time Coder from these options.

Once you enter the correct codes, the footage starts playing by itself.

You can find all new codes on new posts made by the official Brawl Stars account.

These codes are exciting but do not affect the gameplay in any way.

However, they are just a form of entertainment in the game that doesn’t have much significance.

The codes are actually events in the game that have already happened.

Moreover, the Brawl Stars have been posting new codes frequently.

It basically means you must wait for the event to happen to use codes and watch them on the CCTV itself.

Although the significance of the code is yet to be discovered, players are excitingly using them.

Hopefully, with more codes being available, you can discover its mystery.

The Bottom Line

The Time Coder in Brawl Stars is a community-discovered code you will find in Starr Park’s CCTV footage.

Players have identified working codes that reveal unique in-game events.

Though the purpose of these codes is unknown, they add an entertaining element to the game, and players continue to search for their secrets.

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