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Dream Guardian In BG3: A Mysterious Entity

The Illithid tadpole in your skull manifests as the Guardian in BG3 in your nightmares.

As long as you constantly employ your Illithid Wisdom power in conversation, you can encounter them in your dreams.

The dream guardian appears in cutscenes in your dreams. The Guardian begs you to submit to the parasite’s might to rescue the world.

This article will explore the details of the Guardian and the Dream Guardian in BG3, including their characteristics.

What Is Guardian In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a mystery character named The Guardian.

They are initially encountered when the player is requested to construct a character representing the Guardian during the character creation procedure.

The player’s decisions affect The Guardian’s appearance and demeanor but are always considered solid and enigmatic.

Throughout the game, The Guardian makes multiple appearances to the player, generally in dreams.

The Guardian also interacts with the player in their dreams.

Furthermore, they give them advice and encouragement and warn them about the dangers of the Illithid tadpole growing in their brain

The Guardian encourages gamers to use their newly discovered abilities and become Mind Flayers.

The exact identity and motivations of The Guardian remain unclear.

Some players think the Guardian is an excellent entity attempting to aid them in resisting the tadpole.

However, others think the Guardian is evil and attempt to trick them into becoming a Mind Flayer.

What Is Dream Guardian In BG3?

The Dream Guardian (also known as the Dream Visitor) is a mysterious entity.

It appears to the player character in their dreams in Baldur’s Gate 3.

They outward represent the Illithid tadpole inside the player’s skull.

Moreover, they encourage them to use their newly discovered abilities and turn them into Mind Flayers.

bg3 dream guardian
Illithid Powers, also known as Tadpole Powers, is an extraordinary ability in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After the player uses their Illithid powers for the first time, the Dream Guardian appears to them in their dreams.

Moreover, they will manifest among a field of stars and asteroids and inform the gamer that they will assist them.

Rewards From Dream Guardians

The Dream Guardian will grant the player wisdom and strength.

However, they will also caution them about the risks of opposing the tadpole.

The offer from the Dream Guardian is up to the player to accept or refuse.

If they agree, they will become more powerful and gain new skills.

However, they might eventually lose their humanity as they resemble the Mind Flayers more and more.

They will still be human if they reject the Dream Guardian, but they will be less robust and able to fend off the tadpole.

The Dream Guardian is a complicated and intriguing figure, and it is unknown what drives them.

Similarly, they might genuinely want to assist the player, or they can just use them to further their agenda.

Therefore, whether or not to believe the Dream Guardian ultimately rests with the player.

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Where To Find The Dream Guardian In BG3?

You can find the Dream Guardian in BG3 only in your dream.

You can only meet them after using your Illithid powers for the first time.

Here are some steps for finding the Dream Guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  1. Before attempting to meet the Dream Guardian, ensure you have used your Illithid powers for the first time.
  2. After using your Illithid powers, take a good long nap. As a result, you will encounter the Dream Guardian in a subsequent dream scene.
  3. A field of stars and asteroids will contain the Dream Guardian’s appearance. Their face won’t be visible because they’ll hide under a hood.
  4. After finding it, deal with the Dream Guardian on your own.

The Bottom Line

The Dream Guardian is complex and enigmatic, and their motives are unclear.

They may try to help or manipulate the player for their ends.

Therefore, it is up to the player to decide whether or not to trust the Dream Guardian.

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