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Tizocic II In Honkai Star Rail (HSR): Goodness Is Rare

Tizocic II  in HSR, claims to be a princess from another world, but she has a dark and tragic past that haunts her.

She needs the help of the player to find her friend Ephraim and escape from the assassins who are after her.

Along the way, the player will uncover her secrets, explore her memories, and face the consequences of her actions.

Continue reading to explore Tizocic II, how to unlock and complete the Goodness Is Rare mission of Honkai: Star Rail. 

Who Is Tizocic II In HSR?

Tizocic II in HSR is the princess of Penacony, a planet that is known for its golden hour and dreamy atmosphere.

Significantly, she has a mysterious past and a secret that puts her in danger from assassins and a fierce general. 

She is also one of the characters that you can interact with in the game’s Adventure Missions.

Generally, you can help her uncover her memories and escape from her enemies.

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Unlock The Goodness Is Rare Mission In HSR

To unlock the Goodness Is Rare mission, you must reach Trailblaze Level 34 or above and complete the Whodunit mission.

1. Reach Trailblaze Level 34 Or Above

Your account level in Honkai: Star Rail indicates your progress and unlocks new features. 

Thus, you can increase your Trailblaze Level by completing missions, daily training, operation briefings, and spending Trailblaze Power.

Simulated universe and opening treasure chests are also ways to increase your Trailblaze Level.

2. Complete The Whodunit Mission

This Trailblaze mission is part of the The Sound and the Fury mission series.

It involves following Black Swan to investigate a mysterious murder case in the Dreamscape.

Thus, you will need to solve a Dreamwalker puzzle, fight some enemies, and confront the Stellaron Hunter Sam.

Complete The Goodness Is Rare Mission In HSR

To complete the Goodness Is Rare mission in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to follow these steps:

1. Talk To Tizocic II

Talk to Tizocic II in Penacony’s Golden Hour to start the quest.

Tizocic II is a mysterious girl who claims to be a princess from another world.

Nevertheless, she needs your help to find her friend Ephraim and escape from the assassins who are after her.

tizocic II
Talk to Tizocic II in Penacony’s Golden Hour.

2. Finding Ephraim

Make your way to the Dreammerse Shopping Street in Penacony’s F1 to find Ephraim with Tizocic II.

Notably, ask the people around the shopping street for any news on Ephraim.

The Impolite Passerby near the space anchor should know the news about Ephraim.

Ask the Bloodhound Family nearby about Ephraim’s situation.

Then, head back to the place near The Reverie Hotel Entrance in F2 of Penacony to check up on Ephraim and the others.

3. Uncovering Tizocic’s Secret

Clockie will appear out of nowhere and tell you that Tizocic is keeping a secret and is in danger.

You need to get an Angry Gear for your Emo Tuning, which you can get by going around the area and absorbing emotions.

Generally, you can get an Angry Gear from the Pepeshi nearby.

Use the Angry Gear on Tizocic II to spill her secrets.

Thus, help her find the assassins and protect her from them.

Angry gear hsr
Use the Angry Gear on Tizocic II to spill her secrets.

4. Fighting The Assassins

Find Tizocic II and ensure her safety by confronting the assassins.

For this battle, you will fight against 2x Dreamjolt Troupe’s Bubble Hound and 2x Dreamjolt Troupe’s Mr. Domescreen.

After the fight, use the Components From a Certain Ruin item with your Emo Tuning to unlock Tizocic II’s memories to find out about her past.

5. Escaping With The Princess

Follow the princess to the Florist then protect her from the Fierce General outside.

However, this fight will include a Silvermane Cannoneer accompanied by 4 Silvermane Soldiers.

Contrarily, escort the Princess and drive out of the city to keep the princess safe.

Go around the area and absorb emotions

6. Exploring Tizocic’s Memory

Go through the entirety of Tizocic II’s memory and pick the options that seem right to you as it progresses.

After going through her entire memory, she’ll end up getting dragged away from Penacony to atone for her sins.

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