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Tomb Raider Remastered Dead Zone: Control Adjustment Guide

In Tomb Raider Remastered, some players may be confused by one of the options in the settings menu: dead zone.

Furthermore, it affects how the analog stick responds to the movement of the character.

The remastered games also offer improved graphics and a modernized control scheme while preserving the original gameplay.

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What Is Dead Zone In Tomb Raider Remastered?

Dead zone is a term that refers to the sensitivity of the analog sticks on the controller.

It determines how much you need to move the stick from the center position until it registers movement on the screen.

For example, if the dead zone is set to zero, the slightest movement of the stick will cause Lara to move or aim.

If the dead zone is set to 100, you will need to push the stick to the edge to make Lara move or aim.

The dead zone option is only available for the modern 3D controls, which are the default controls for the remastered games.

Tomb Raider II Remastered
Tomb Raider II Remastered menu

The remaster allows you to move in any direction, unlike classic controls, which let you move forward, backward, left, or right.

The modern 3D controls also let you aim with the right stick, instead of using the lock-on feature of the classic controls.

How To Adjust Dead Zone In Tomb Raider Remastered?

Adjusting the dead zone is a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Some players may prefer a lower dead zone, which makes Lara more responsive and agile.

Others may prefer a higher dead zone, which makes Lara more stable and precise.

The dead zone can also affect the difficulty of the game, as some sections may require more or less sensitivity.

To adjust the dead zone, players need to go to the settings menu, select the controls tab, and change the value.

Dead Zone
Go to the settings menu and select the controls tab to adjust the Dead Zone.

The changes will take effect immediately, so players can test them out in the game.

Players can also switch between the classic and remastered visuals at any time, to see how the dead zone affects the gameplay.

Difference Between Original And Remastered Tomb Raider Dead Zone Control

The dead zone option is a new feature that was not present in the original Tomb Raider games.

The original games used the classic tank controls, which did not rely on the analog sticks.

Instead, you used the directional pad or the face buttons to move Lara, and the shoulder buttons to turn her left or right.

Adjust the Death zone
Adjust the Death zone setting to control the character’s movement.

The classic tank controls were well suited for the level design of the original games, which consisted of grid-based rooms.

However, some players may find them clunky and outdated by today’s standards.

The remastered games offer the option to switch between the classic tank controls and the modern 3D controls at any time.

The modern 3D controls are more intuitive and fluid and make handling Lara and overcoming some difficult segments easier.

However, some players may prefer the challenge and nostalgia of the classic tank controls.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered is a great way to experience the classic adventures of Lara Croft with some modern conveniences.

Furthermore, players may prefer the old-school tank controls or the new and improved modern controls.

Likewise, they can customize the dead zone to their liking and enjoy the game as they see fit.

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