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How To Get Hockey Puck Emote In Fortnite?

In Fortnite, some players have been getting a rare emote called the Hockey Puck emote which is a hockey-themed gesture.

Furthermore, this emote was given to the players who have been affected by the Lego Fortnite outrage due to some specific issue.

Moreover, this emote is not available in the Fortnite store but there is a chance that it will be available in the future.

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What Is The Hockey Emote In Fortnite?

The Hockey emote is one of the rarest and most exclusive emotes in Fortnite.

Furthermore, it is a hockey-themed gesture that involves spinning a puck on a stick and then shooting it.

The hockey puck emote is a highly coveted cosmetic item among Fortnite fans, especially those who love hockey or collect rare emotes.

Hockey Emote
Some players get free Hockey emotes in Fortnite.
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Getting Hockey Puck Emote In Fortnite

The Hockey Puck emote is not available in the item shop or the battle pass and can only be acquired by a select group of players.

Those who experienced a specific issue while playing Lego Fortnite, a crossover mode between Fortnite and Lego.

Lego Fortnite is a mode that allows players to build structures and vehicles using Lego bricks and explore a Lego-themed map.

However, in early February 2024, some players encountered a technical glitch that caused their builds to crumble and collapse.

Lego Fortnite apologized and announced that they would fix the issue and compensate the affected players with a free emote.

Players get Hockey emote
Players get a Hockey emote as compensation for the Lego Fortnite issue.

The emote that they chose to give away was the hockey puck emote, which hadn’t been released previously.

The emote was granted to the players who logged into Lego Fortnite during the time of the issue.

Furthermore, it was not given to anyone else, and it is unclear if it will ever be released in the item shop or elsewhere.

However, since it is so exclusive and limited, it is also very hard to obtain.

The only way to get this emote in Fortnite is to receive it as compensation.

Alternatively, some players may try to sell their accounts that have the emote, but this is against the terms of service of Fortnite.

When Will Hockey Puck Emote Be Available In Fortnite?

Currently, the Hockey Puck emote is not available in the Fortnite shop or the battle pass.

However, with the high demand from the players, they might add this emote in the future.

Moreover, Fortnite added this emote before giving it to the players for the Lego Fortnite issue as compensation.

Hockey Puck emote
Fortnite added the Hockey Puck emote before the issue.

So, it is highly likely to be added to the Fortnite store in the coming days.

Players need to be patient and hope that Fortnite will add this emote and will be available to everyone.

Other New Emotes In Fortnite

While the hockey puck emote is a rare emote in Fortnite, there are also other new emotes that have been added to the game recently.

Some of the new emotes that players can get from the item shop or the battle pass are:

  1. Snowflakey: This emote shows the paper being cut into Snowflake and disappears with a small Snowflakey effect.
    Snowflakey emote
    Snowflakey emote in Fortnite.
  2. Without You: It is an emote that shows the dance moves with the song called Love Nwantiti.
    Without You emote
    Without You emote in Fortnite
  3. Shave The Date: This emote shows the 2023 snow statue being crafted into the 2024 ice statue.
    Shave The Date emote
    Shave The Date emote in Fortnite.
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