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Top Maine Lobster Review: From Legitness To Red Flag

Many people receive advertisements from social media that promote selling cheap products.

People click on these ads, hoping to buy goods for a cheaper price, unfortunately, this is how scams work.

A recent scam page named Top Maine Lobster suspiciously provides massive discounts on seafood products, uploads false product reviews, excludes contacts on the website and much more.

Continue reading this article to learn about different reviews and opinions about the Top Maine Lobster website.

Introduction To Top Maine Lobster

Top Maine Lobster is an online seafood provider that offers a variety of seafood items to their customers.

On their website, they mainly sell King Crabs and Lobsters at very low prices.

This website was officially launched in 2023, accumulating a lot of traffic on Facebook.

Using Facebook ads, Top Maine Lobster would entice customers to visit their online page.

The online page itself looks very professional and even includes a customer reviews section and a Contact Us page.

This has left the people very conflicted regarding the legitness of this online market.

Because of these reasons, Top Maine Lobster became a major topic for discussion.

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Reviews Of Red Flags Of Top Maine Lobster

Although Top Maine Lobster seems like an actual online market on the surface,  it holds many mysteries.

Further, investigating these mysteries reveals the true nature of this marketplace.

Some of the discovered Red Flags Of Top Maine Lobster are as follows:

  1. The Top Maine website media features social media icons, but they do not lead anywhere.
  2. In fact, clicking the Facebook logo on the website just leads to the home page of Facebook.
  3. Although there is a Contact Us page, there are no contact credentials on the website.
Proof Of Missing Credentials In The Contact Us Page Of Top Maine Lobster
Proof of missing credentials in the Contact Us Page of Top Maine Lobster.
  1. This website is set to expire in October 2024, which is very unconventional for a young business.
  2. All the customer reviews on the website are either four stars or five stars, which could be heavily simulated.
  3. Additionally, the profiles and names of these reviewers cannot be clicked or tracked at all.
  4. The website address leads to a physical warehouse however, scam stores used that location in the past.
  5. Scam-checking websites like Scamadviser have awarded Top Maine Lobster a trust score 1/100.
  6. All the products that have discount offers have a discount percentage higher than 70 percent.
  7. Upon closer inspection, using the same product images is redundant for multiple products.
Redunt Images Used In Top Maine Lobster
Proofs of redunt images used in top Maine Lobster’s Website.

The aforementioned points make it clear that Top Maine Lobster is a very suspicious website.

Furthermore, there is a lot of suspicious evidence on the website leading everyone to believe it might be illegitimate.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to get away from this website as the suspicious factors outweigh its counterparts.

Ways To Be Safe From Scam Websites Like Top Maine Lobster

There are many ways to be safe from scam websites like Top Maine Lobster.

However, most people are unaware of these methods and become victims of these scams.

Therefore, knowledge on this topic is vital to protect people from scams like Top Maine Lobster.

Without further ado, here are some of the ways to be safe from such websites on the Internet:

  • Always look for the contact credentials on the website to confirm a website’s legitness.
  • Look for product reviews and check whether the reviewer is actually trackable.
  • Check the trust score of the website by using Scam-Checking websites.
  • Report the website and spread awareness so other people can be safe too.
  • In cases when a transaction is done on these websites, contact your bank immediately.
  • If a website seems suspicious, create an online discussion thread to get other people’s perspectives.

The Bottom Line

People should not purchase from the Top Maine Lobster website as every element of the website seems fake.

If it were actually selling legitimate products for such a lower price, it would at least appear within Google’s first five search pages, but it does not.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid this website until more news surfaces from a trusted news source.

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