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How To Repair Fierce Deity Sword?

The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the strongest swords in Zelda-Tears of The Kingdom. The sword was first introduced in Zelda-Breath of The Wild.

Fierce Deity Sword has very good stats for a base-type weapon. However, the sword does lose durability and break. But, the players can repair the sword using Rock Octorok.

Continue reading to discover where to find the Rock Octorok and use them to repair the Fierce Deity Sword.

Introduction To The Fierce Deity Sword

The Fierce Deity Sword is a Two-handed Sword with very high stats.  The sword boasts a Base Attack of 40 and decent Durability of 35

Moreover, the sword is obtainable through the use of Amiibo and also through a series of quests. 

Additionally, the game has a system called Fusing, which upgrades the weapons. Fusing also means losing the weapon used for the process. 

Moreover, Players can also use materials obtained from monsters for fusing upgrades. However, the weapon also breaks when it loses all its durability. 

Continue reading to discover if Fierce Deity Sword and Biggoron Sword break and how to re-obtain them.

How To Repair Fierce Deity Sword?

The players can repair their weapons through a monster called Rock Octorok. However, Octorok only spawns during a Blood Moon. 

Moreover, they can only repair one weapon per spawn, as Octoroks cannot directly repair a legendary weapon or item. 

However, the player can fuse the legendary weapon with a normal weapon and feed it to the Octorok. This method allows Octorok to repair the weapon. 

Here are a few steps to follow to repair the Fierce Deity Sword using Octorok:

  1. Find Octorok in the Eldin Mountains
  2. Drop the weapon in front of the Octorok. 
Image of Rockoctorok
Rock Octorok will repair the broken weapons.
  1. The Octorok will begin sucking the air around it to perform an attack. 
    Octorok Sucks the weapon and air around to start the process
    Octorok Sucking the air, and the Weapon
  2. The Octorok will suck up the weapon placed in front of it. 
    Weapon Before Repair
    Weapon Before Repair by Octorok
  3. After sucking up the weapon, the Octorok will start sparkling and produce a chiming sound. 
  4. After the process, the Octorok will spit the weapon back to the players with total durability. 
    Weapon After the repair
    Completely Repaired Weapon

The game gives some information before and after the repair process.

The game gives the players visual cues when a weapon is about to break. 

The weapon starts to glow and flicker in red when it loses its durability and is about to break.

However, when repaired, the weapon sparkles like a brand-new weapon. 

Note: The weapon can have a different effect after the repair process.
Players have also noticed that the weapon has a different effect after the repair process. An example is; A bow with an Attack Up effect might have a Quick Draw effect after the repair process.

Where To Find Rock Octorok?

Players can find Rock Octorok in various locations around the Eldin Mountains. The best spot for an Octorok is the quarry north of Goron City.

However, if the players get too close to the Octorok, it will bury itself in the ground. 

fierce deity sword repair
Players can find Rock Octorok in various locations around the Eldin Mountains.

Moreover, Quicksave is a good idea since they tend to bury themselves and run away. 

The Bottom Line

Losing durability is a key game feature in most Role-playing Games. The system design allows the players to have a sense of attachment to their weapons. 

Additionally, upgrading the weapons and even being able to repair them is another main component. This allows the players to upgrade and repair the weapons they find fun and engaging. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you find a way to repair your Fierce Deity Sword and understand different methods of upgrading them. 

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