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All Upgrades In Trials Of Sanctuary: Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has unveiled a new “Trials of Sanctuary” game mode for Halloween in all regions, offering PvE action with ability upgrades against epic bosses. 

Since this is a fresh game mode, players have been experimenting with lots of characters and abilities to find the best one.

The online overwatch community is very curious about the abilities and bosses of this game mode since there is very little info about them.

Here is all to know about Overwatch 2:Trials Of Sanctuary; there are 6 heroes to pick from, 3 enemy bosses, and 4 upgrades for each hero.  

Continue reading to learn about all upgrades in Trials of Sanctuary in Overwatch 2.

Introduction To Trials Of Sanctuary

Trials Of Sanctuary is a new game mode in Overwatch 2 that was released in the fall of 2023.

This is a new co-op survival brawl mode where players can form a party of 4.

There are six heroes from Heroes of Sanctuary that players can pick in order to defeat the Dark Legions.

The heroes that players can pick are Demon Hunter Sombra, Barbarian Zarya, Nightraven Illari, Cleric Lifeweaver, Imperius Reinhardt, and Inarius Pharah.

However, in the real game, only 4 of them can be picked to form a party.

Similarly, three bosses from the dark legion have their own levels of difficulty.

But the strongest one of them is Lilith Moria, the last boss of this game mode.

The other two bosses are Azmodan Wrecking Ball and Butcher Roadhog which appear before Lilith.

Players must clear waves of enemies and defeat enemies to get epic weapon drops.

These weapons will enable players to unlock more abilities for their Hero in the game.

So, collecting weapons is an important task as it will unlock more powerful abilities for the heroes.

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All Upgrades For Each Hero In Trials Of Sanctuary

There are currently 4 upgrades that players can unlock for each hero in Trials of Sanctuary.

It means that there are a total of 24 ability upgrades in the game.

Each of these abilities is unique from one another, allowing players to pick heroes as per their play style.

Without further ado here are all the upgrades for each hero:

1. Reinhardt

Divine Armament – ROCKET HAMMER fires a beam of light that deals damage on every swing.

Blessed Barrier – Damage taken by allies is redirected to BARRIER FIELD. Occasionally emits a shockwave when blocking damage.

Reinhardt Overwatch 2
Reinhardt Overwatch 2.

Righteous Charge – CHARGE deals increased damage and makes you invulnerable.

Blazing Strike – FIRE STRIKE leaves a trail of fire that burns enemies. 

2. Zarya

Rage Strike – PARTICLE CANNON causes an explosion when focused on an enemy. Energy grenades cause damage over time.

Menacing Aura – PARTICLE BARRIER (self) damages and slows nearby enemies. Damaged dealt increases your energy.

Zarya Overwatch 2
Zarya Overwatch 2

Frenzy Shout – PROJECTED BARRIER (ally) grants increased attack speed and movement speed to nearby allies.

Triumphant Leap – Leap forward, knocking down enemies where you land. 

3. Sombra

Hungering Arrow – MACHINE PISTOL occasionally fires a homing arrow.

Hunter’s Hex – Hacked enemies take increased damage.

Sombra Overwatch 2
Sombra Overwatch 2

Dark Recall – Translocating damages and slows nearby enemies where you land.

Enfeebling Virus – Virus-infected enemies spread the virus to nearby enemies on death.

4. Pharah

Purifying Storm- ROCKET LAUNCHER fires additional mini rockets.

Judge Evil – CONCUSSIVE BLAST deals increased damage and marks enemies for homing rockets.

Pharah Overwatch 2
Pharah Overwatch 2

Holy Wrath – JUMP JET creates a pillar of flame that burns enemies and ignites rockets.

Divine Assault – Press MELEE to charge, exploding enemies in your path.

5. Illari

Blighted Sunbeam – SOLAR RIFLE creates an explosion on fully charged shots.

Augmented Healing – After healing with SOLAR RIFLE, you and your healed allies deal increased damage on your next attack.

Illari Overwatch 2
Illari Overwatch 2

Violent Outburst – Enemies affected by OUTBURST take increased damage for a short time.

Pylon Blast – HEALING PYLON deals a burst of damage to enemies near the ally it’s healing.

6. Lifeweaver

Thorned Blossom – HEALING BLOSSOM will seek and damage enemies after healing an ally.

Brutal Grip – LIFE GRIP damages enemies along its path.

Lifeweaver Overwatch 2
Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2.

Hallowed Ground – Standing on PETAL PLATFORM grants increased attack and healing.

Sanctify – REJUVENATING DASH creates a field that heals allies, and grants increased defense.

It leaves behind Soldier 76’s healing station where your dash ends.

The Bottom Line

Trials Of Sanctuary is a game mode that is very well-received in the Overwatch Community.

It also allows players the option to pick their own level of difficulty in order to enhance the gameplay experience.

However, it is suggested to start with the easiest one in order to have a better understanding of this game mode.

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