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Baldur’s Gate 3: Overview Of The Paladins Of Tyr

In Baldur’s Gate (BG3),  players can choose the path of Paladins of Tyr which is an exciting and powerful journey.

Paladins are among the best classes as they harness impressive damaging abilities and strong defense mechanisms.

In BG3, Paladins should be careful while choosing their Oath as Paladins of Tyr are bound to live with their oath. Otherwise, they become Oath Breakers.

In this article, you will learn everything about the Paladins of Tyr in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Introduction To The Paladins Of Tyr 

Paladins of Tyr are noble warriors with an unwavering dedication to their chosen Oath. 

Choosing an Oath provides the Paladins with the secret divine power as it is the sacred bond with the god.

Moreover, Paladins are known as the light of hope during the dark times, who fight against evil and injustice.

They have abilities like lay-on hands, Channel Oath powers, and an Aura of Protection.

Paladins of Tyr in BG3
Spotting Paladins of Tyr in BG3.

Similarly, these distinctive abilities make them a powerful asset as they can safeguard their comrades in need.

Moreover, despite the oath they choose, the Paladins of Tyr always remain a formidable and compelling class.

Simultaneously, even if they walk down the path of Oath Breaker, they still hold the power of the Paladins class.

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Paladin Signature Abilities And Playstyle

Paladins of Tyr are formidable characters with their distinctive playstyle and divine magic powers.

Similarly, Paladins can also draw their powers from their unwavering faith and dedication to the divinity. 

Paladins excel at the front lines in combat scenarios with weapons, martial skills, and heavy armor.

Some of the signature abilities are discussed below:

1. Lay On Hands

From the start, Paladins get access to the Lay on Hands Spell, which is a spell that can heal wounds and cure diseases.

However, this ability is limited by lay-on-hand charges, making it a valuable resource to manage during encounters.

This ability not only saves the Paladin’s life but also ensures the health of their friends in the critical stage.

2. Channel Oath Abilities

Paladins of Tyr has another great ability in their collection where they can channel the power of their chosen Oath.

Similarly, this remarkable ability is a gift to their unwavering commitment to their morals that can enhance their fighting.

Paladin’s chosen Oath comes with its specific set of offensive and defensive Channel Oath Abilities.

Subsequently, paladins with abilities such as “Smitting Foes” can enhance their attacks with radiant energy.

Attacking with Smitting Foes provides heavy damage to the opponent and even provides extra damage for Evil ones.

Moreover, this ability also focuses on creating protective shields that shield their comrades from any harm.

3. Aura of Protection

Upon Reaching Level 6, Paladins of Tyr acquire the Aura of Protection feature, which enhances their defense.

Similarly, it solidifies their role as versatile tanks who can provide valuable support to their team.

Moreover, this aura of protection protects the nearby allies from the enemy spells and effects

Subclasses Of Paladins Of Tyr In BG3

Paladins of Tyr are privileged to choose the primary subclass from three subclasses.

Similarly, Paladins can choose from the Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Devotion, and Oath of Vengeance.

These multiple subclasses have their own unique path, philosophy, and set of abilities. 

Moreover, these are not just the mere choices that Paladins of Tyr should make in Baldur’s Gate.

It not only defines the character of Paladins but also plays an important role in shaping their role in the battle. 

1. Oath Of The Ancients

The Oath of the Ancients is a nature-oriented sub-class that resonates with the connection between the natural world and the divine.

Similarly, Paladins of Tyr, who embrace this Oath are driven by the desire to preserve the life and beauty in the world.

Ancient Paladin
Ancient Paladins in BG3.

Moreover, this subclass is known to have druid-like abilities that can come handing during battles.

This ability allows them to support their allies and exert control over their enemies during the battle.

2. Oath Of Devotion

The Oath of Devotion represents the holy warrior, who is known to have an unwavering commitment to principles.

Similarly, they are known as the classic holy warrior who embraces honor, courage, and compassion.

Paladins of Tyr who follow the Oath of Devotion are equipped with both damaging and supporting abilities.

They can protect themselves and provide great support to their nearby allies.

Moreover, this subclass provides the Paladins with the Holy Spell as an example of the wielding power of god.

3. Oath Of Vengeance

The Oath of Vengeance is the best option for Paladins who want to deliver justice through the blade.

Similarly, this subclass is designed for those who are willing to pursue the wrongdoers and punish them.

Moreover, Paladins of Vengeance are damage-oriented melee fighters who can easily finish their foes and debuff their opponents.

Also, they have access to the Misty Step spell that aids in tactical mobility while pursuing their enemies. 

4. Oath Breaker

Similarly, if Paladins decide to abandon their Oath and embrace the darkness and corruption,  they are demoted to Oath Breaker.

Oath Breaker is the fourth subclass of the Tyr Paladins, replacing their previous oath spells with sinister powers.

Moreover, this path embraces darkness, black magic, curses, and control spells that are evil-minded.

Oath Breaker Knight
Oath Breaker Knight in BG3

The Bottom Line

The Paladins of Tyr in Baldur’s Gate 3 are one of the formidable champions of justice and righteousness.

Similarly, their commitment to their chosen Oath and unique abilities make them valuable companions throughout the game.

Paladins of the Tyr should not break their oath and relinquish the journey of the Oath Breaker.

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