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How To Encounter The True Demon Baal In GPO?

During the latest Halloween update of GPO, the game announced the interesting and special character called True Demon Baal.

Players can now enjoy the battles with the True Demon Baal and collect its offering upon defeating him.

In Grand Piece Online (GPO), players can encounter the True Demon Baal by summoning the Resurrected Baal in Transylvania island by assembling Zombie Arm, Wandering Souls and Zombie Leg.

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The True Demon Baal: An Overview

In this recent Halloween update of the Grand Piece Online (GPO), the game has introduced one of the enigmatic figures.

Similarly, players can now witness the True Demon Ba’al and venture on a journey to defeat him.

Besides that, players can only summon him for this limited time of the Halloween event.

The True Demon Baal IN GPO
The player encounters the True Demon Baal in GPO.

Thus, it is a limited-time opportunity for players to engage in the special battle with the True Demon Baal and obtain several rewards.

Moreover, players can only unlock the True Demon Baal after summoning the Resurrected Baal and defeating him.

Journey To Encounter The True Demon Baal

Players cannot directly encounter True Demon Baal; first, they must summon the Resurrected Baal.

Ressusrected Baal and The True Demon Baal present unique challenges in Grand Piece Online.

Similarly, summoning the Resurrected Baal is the first step towards unlocking the Ultimate True Demon Baal boss.

Besides that, players must understand they can only summon these bosses in this Halloween event.

1. Summon The Resurrected Baal

Initially, players have to find their way to Transylvania island to begin the summoning ritual of the Resurrected Baal.

Upon reaching the Transylvania island, players must find three essential items to begin the summoning ritual.

These essential items include the Zombie Arm, Wandering Souls and Zombie Leg; it is a prerequisite to initiate the ritual.

Subsequently, players can find these items by engaging in the battles with several NPCs and Zombies.

Fighting Resurrected Baal in GPO
A player is fighting with Resurrected Baal.

Players can acquire these relevant items upon defeating these NPCs and zombies scattered across the island.

Once in possession of these items, players can now head to the summoning location of Resurrected Baal on Transylvania Island.

Upon reaching the island, players can provide these items to specific places by pressing the E Key on their keyboard.

Then, players must wait a certain period to witness the Resurrected Baal and prepare for the battle against him.

2. Encounter The True Demon Baal

Players can only witness the True Demon Baal after successfully defeating the Resurrected Baal.

Upon defeating the Resurrected Baal, players must go to the Yellow portal on the left side of the summoning area.

Similarly, players can find the portal by ascending to the top of the building, which is found near the summoning area.

After reaching the yellow portal, players have to enter the portal, which will then teleport to Hell.

Finally, players can encounter the enigmatic and formidable opponent boss, The True Demon Baal.

Thus, players must battle with him and successfully defeat him to earn expensive rewards.

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Rewards After Defeating The True Demon Baal

Players can get beautiful rewards as they defeat the Resurrected Baal and the True Demon Baal, respectively.

Upon defeating True Demon Baal, players can get the True Ball Snake Head, a cosmetic item that provides a 75 HP boost when equipped.

Achieving new item in GPO.
A player is acquiring the True Baal Snakehead.

Besides that, players can also get the impressive Resurrected Baal Outfit, a gear that enhances survivability by providing 185 HP and 5 HP Regen.

Also, players can achieve formidable weapons such as The True Baal Sword, True Baal Moose and True Ball Py.

Moreover, defeating the resurrected Baal, on the other hand, provides players with one weapon, a rare outfit and one set of cosmetics.

The Bottom Line

Players can summon the True Demon Baal and Resurrected Baal in Grand Piece’s online new Halloween event.

Similarly, with the correct performance of the ritual, players can summon the resurrected Baal and ultimately encounter True Demon Baal.

As players are interested in collecting the rewards after defeating the True Demon, remember that it is a limited time window.

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