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Labyrinth Of Tides In Blasphemous 2: Complete Walkthrough

The Labyrinth of Tides is a dark and gloomy place filled with the various traps and enemies in Blasphemous 2.

Labyrinth of Tides in Blasphemous 2 is a dangerous location, yet features intriguing rewards, quests and different paths to explore. To reach this area, players must drop down from the Sunken Cathedral.

This article will examine the details of the Labyrinth of Tides in Blasphemous 2 and the collectibles and quests there.

What Is The Labyrinth Of Tides In Blasphemous 2?

Labyrinth of Tides is an extensive underground area containing the Compass of the Stranded rosary bead, significantly increasing resistance to miasma damage.

To find the Remembrance of Regula, the players must complete the Regula Quest, initiated by encountering the Regula, an NPC in this location.

Additionally, it houses various enemies such as hazards and the falcons, an enemy minion that can deal damage if you make contact.

Labyrinth of Tides
Once you enter this area, you will find various items guarded with traps and enemies.

Players can utilize the Veredicto to defeat enemies by staying out of its attack range.

Moreover, the players can find and defeat multiple enemies, items, and secrets in Labyrinth of Tides.

Furthermore, players can also find the Pillager figure in this area.

However, the Labyrinth of Tides is a challenging region, filled with traps and enemies.

Therefore, the Penitent One has to use most of its skills and strategies to survive in this region.

How To Discover The Labyrinth Of Tides?

Players must arrive at the Sunken Cathedral to locate the Labyrinth of Tides in Blasphemous 2.

You can accomplish this by going toward the Ravine of the High Stones.

Moreover, it would be best if you located the entrance to the Labyrinth of Tides after you are within the Sunken Cathedral.

Players must get their hands on the Secret Fervour upgrade by speaking to the Trudge.

Then, use that secret Fervour to get inside the Sunken Cathedral.

Once inside the Sunken Cathedral, make your way to the Cathedral by defeating enemies and unlocking the two locked doors.

You have to go to the large room with the pool of the water.

Head to the doorway on the left side of the room and drop down from the middle of the floor. This will lead you to the Labyrinth of Tides.

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Items At Labyrinth Of Tides In Blasphemous 2

Here are a few items that you can find at Labyrinth of Tides;

1. Compass Of The Stranded

Once you arrive at the Labyrinth of Tides, jump over the gap in the next room.

You have to fight a giant enemy; if you stand up on a slight slope, the enemy’s flame will not reach you, and you can defeat it with your Veredicto.

Then, drop to the pit while holding onto the wall and jump to the right side to avoid the spikes.

You will also face the same enemies here, so defeat it and open the chest with the Compass of the Stranded rosary bead.

Compass of Stranded
One of the items you can find immediately after you enter this area.

2. The Pillage

As you climb up and head left from the room where you found Compass of the Stranded, you will find some enemies to kill them.

Now, drop down and side through the opening at the right side; there will be an altar with 3500 Tears of Atonement.

Afterward, return to the room on the left side and kill some enemies, leading you to the statue to pray.

Furthermore, go through the path at the right and climb up to the door. You will find the chest with The Pillager art piece within the door.

3. Silver Shell File And Cherub

Silver Shell File is in the room to the left of the fast-travel room in Sunken Cathedral.

Furthermore, VCherub can be obtained after you reach the empty cave structure in the bottom left of this area.

Then, players must go through the narrow crawlspaces on the upper right.

Slide through to reveal a secret area containing the Cherub not far from the pillar supporting the temple.

4. Forgotten Tribute

This item can be found to the left of the Labyrinth.

Instead of climbing toward the Severed Tower, fall and head to the vast maze-like screen below.

Forgotten Tribute will be in the middle of the area. However, you have to beat the Odon in the Sunken Cathedral.

5. Remembrance Of Regula

It would be best if you talked to the Regula, an NPC, to get this item.

She can be found in the area with the small room with a collapsing wall.

Furthermore, she will ask you to destroy the pillar at the location rumbles.

Upon destroying the pillar, you will find Regula crushed by the entrance.

As you interact with her, she will provide you with the Regula’s Cloth shroud.

After receiving the Cloth, please make your way to the statue in the temple and interact with it to receive the Remembrance of Regula.

Furthermore, this item can be turned into The Woman of the Stolen Face figure.

However, players must be cautious of the traps and enemies.

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The Bottom Line

The Labyrinth of Tides is a challenging area in Blasphemous 2, filled with numerous traps and enemies.

Furthermore, the Penitent One has different skills and abilities that can be used to defeat strong enemies and solve puzzles.

Additionally, it features lots of intriguing rewards and items.

Once players enter the region, they can find more items and collectibles.

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