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Impel Down GPO Event In Update 9: How To Complete It?

Grand Piece Online (GPO) has introduced a new update 9 in Roblox with new features and events.

The Update has an Impel Down Raid Event you can complete to gain exclusive items from the Impel Down Store.

Impel Down in GPO is a new location consisting of five floors. You must progress through each floor, defeating unique enemies and completing tasks to earn rewards. Upon completing the fifth floor, you gain exclusive access to items in the Impel Down Store.

Continue reading to learn more about Impel Down, the raid drops and how to complete the event in GPO.

 Impel Down Island In Gpo Update

The Impel Base is a new Island location introduced in the new GPO update.

Impel Base is located in the Second Sea and has five floors where you can get Impel Weapons

You need to get to the second sea and select an Island known as Impel base to get there.

 Further, after getting on the island, take the Impel Down challenge to defeat enemies and earn different rewards, such as weapons, fruits and coins.

Completing this event involves carefully strategizing to defeat enemies on different floors.

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How To Complete The Impel Down Event In GPO?

You must get through five floors to complete the Impel Down and earn rewards.

Each of the floors is explained below in detail:

1. Impel Down Floor 1: Crimson Hell

When you go inside the Impel, you have to fight Vera. She’s easy to take down.

However, you don’t get to kill her, and she teleports you to the first floor of Impel Down.

You wake in a prison suit with all your items gone and a handcuff in your hand.

You need to find the key placed randomly on the first floor.

Further, after you find the key open the chest to get all the loot that contains health potions, stamina pots and SP resets.

Additionally, you also have a chance to get a legendary chest that is quite rare.

Also, defeating the boss will reward you with the chest as they spawn the legendary chest and fighting style.

Here you need to clear down the wave of enemies and go through the maze.

2. Impel Down Floor 2: Wild Hell

After you reach the end of the maze, the second floor begins, which is more intense than the first floor.

You need to get through multiple sections and waves of enemies.

To fight Spinx, you should open the lever that activates the gate.

After defeating the Spinx, you should go toward another section where the floor boss appears.

Further, the floor boss has a double-edged sword that deals much damage.

 You must ensure you have enough health potions to fight this boss. When you defeat the boss, you get a bunch of chests with a chance to get the legendary chest.

3. Impel Down Floor 3: Starvation Hell

As the floor level increases, the difficulty level also increases. There’s a lot of booby traps in this floor.

In the first part, you should clear the wave of enemies and go to pings; they will show you where the levers are.

You need to pull all the levers to open up the next section of the map after proceeding through the gate.

The area has a mini-boss called Jailer Han with the black trident.

Fighting Jailer Han in Impel Down third floor in Gpo
Jailer Han appears on the third floor of Impel Down after you pull all the levers.

This boss is not hard to fight, however, you should look out for the pesky scorpions.

After defeating him, climb to the top of the third floor, where the head jailer is.

Fighting Head Jailer of Impel Down Third Floor in GPO
Head Jailer is difficult to fight at the top of the third floor.

You must defeat the Head Jailer of Impel Down to progress to the new floor.

4. Impel Down Floor 4: Freezing Hell

You must deal with enemies with devil fruit abilities on the freezing hell floor.

The enemy you must fight on this floor is Blugori, who has a high DPS, especially with the spinning move.

Blugori is one of the toughest to defeat in the Impel Down.

However, after defeating him, you get to the last part of the Impel Down, Blazing Hell.

5. Impel Down Floor 5: Blazing Hell

This floor is the most challenging part because of the final boss on this floor.

You must fight the final boss Warden of Impel Down, Vera, who uses Venom on you and packs up a punch with poison damage.

Fighting the Warden of Impel down in GPO
Warden of Impel Down, Vera is the final boss on the last floor of Impel Down.

Vera also transforms into her second venom mode, where she becomes even harder to fight.

All Impel Down Raid Drops In GPO

 After completing all the floors and fighting with the bosses, you can collect drops from the Impel Down store.

The store has new drops with exclusive hats, weapons and armor that are only available in this store.

Additionally, you can also buy the legendary chest and mythical chest.

The currency you can use inside the shop is Impel Points, which you get after completing each floor.

Further, if you are an MVP of each floor, you get a multiplier for all accessories.

One of the new items introduced in this raid is the Vera set, with three unique items Vera’s Cap and Vera’s Outfits.

Vera Set items in Impel Down GPO
Vera Set is an exclusive reward in the Impel Down Store.

Other items include Shiryu’s Hat and Cap with extra Health, Stamina Regen and Health Regen. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you want to take on the difficult challenge in GPO, then Impel Down Raid can be exciting for you.

You should complete five challenging floors in the Impel Down with increasing difficulty from first to fifth.

Further, you can access exclusive items in the store after completing all the floors.

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