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How To Interact With The Paradiso Colony Ship In Starfield?

Paradiso Colony Ship in Starfield is one of the areas that players can find in the Porrima system

The ship ties into the First Contact mission that players can complete to progress through the game. 

To interact with the Paradiso colony ship in Starfield, you must first travel to the Porrima system and then dock with the ECS Constant, a 200-year-old ship of colonists from Earth.

This article discusses the Paradiso colony ship and ways to interact in Starfield.

What is Colony Ship In Starfield?

A colony ship in Starfield is a type of spacecraft that is designed to transport and establish human colonies on other planets or star systems.

Starfield has different kinds of colony ships, depending on their origin, purpose, and technology.

Additionally, colony ships are known as generation ships, world ships, or ark ships.

Interact With The Paradiso Colony Ship In Starfield 

Paradiso colony ship is one of the areas that players must visit to complete the First Contact mission. 

To interact with the Paradiso Colony Ship in Starfield, you need to do the following steps:

  1. The ship is in the orbit of the Porrima System, and the exact location is near the orbit of the Porrima II. 
  2. After reaching the orbit of Porrima II, the player will receive a distress call from an unidentified ship. Within this ship, some people fled from Earth a long time ago. 
  3. After you enter the ship, you can interact with the captain, Diana, and learn more about why they are around the Porrima II planet. 
  4. Through the interaction, you will learn that Diana, the captain of the ship and its inhabitants consider Porrima II their rightful home.
  5. However, the ownership of Porrima II is in the hands of a corporation planning to turn the planet into a resort. 

Thus, the inhabitants of the unidentified ship cannot get to the planet and live there. 

diana is in colony ship paradiso starfield
Meet Diana on the colony ship near Paradiso in Starfield.

During this mission, players must talk with the company’s CEO Oliver to find a way to solve the issue.

However, players may find the options he places in front of them a bit sinister. 

We will discuss the options and their effects below. 

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List Of Options And Its Results

After meeting Oliver in the Paradiso, he will put three options for you to choose from.

Choosing either of the choices will have a different ending. 

Thus, learn about the options and their results before going forward. Here is the list of options and their results. 

1. A Chance For Settlement

The first option that Oliver puts forward is allowing the ship’s inhabitants to live on the planet. 

However, this option also means that the inhabitants would work for the corporation. 

2. Obtain The Grav Drive

The second option is to obtain a Grav Drive which you can buy if you go to a shop and meet the NPC named Bennu

He will sell you a grave drive, initially costing 40,000 credits, but you can haggle until it drops to 25,000

After obtaining the grav drive, you can return it to Diana and give her the parts.

This will allow the fleet to move along and try to find a new planet to dwell on. 

3. Destroy The Reactor

Lastly, this method is one of the more grim kind. The last method is to head straight to the reactor of the fleet’s ship. 

Here, you will find the reactor of the ship, you must interact with all three terminals of the reactor. 

Then, head to the cockpit and interact with the ship’s control system which will cause a huge explosion within the ship. 

Basically, this option will completely eradicate the fleet. 

The Bottom Line

The colony ship near Paradiso holds quite a bit of story for the players to uncover.

Furthermore, each decision you make for the fleet can affect the story. 

However, if you choose to save the colony, you will meet them down the line through various missions and objectives during your playthrough of Starfield. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Paradiso Colony Ship in Starfield. 

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