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Why Is TuneIn Not Working On Google Home?

TuneIn is an American audio-streaming radio app that provides the amenity of lively broadcasting of the news, podcasts, sports, radio and music to the users.

However, users face interruption while trying to use it, i.e., sometimes TuneIn doesn’t work, or a glitch may appear on Google Home.

You can resolve the playing of TuneIn by unplugging the WI-FI routers from the wall outlets, rebooting the used device, uninstalling the app and then running it after downloading on the preferred device.

You have come across the relevant article if you want to know the causes and fix TuneIn if it is not working on Google Home.

Why Is TuneIn not working in Google Home?

TuneIn works on Google Home, but sometimes it pauses functioning for all the customers.

There are specific causes why TuneIn is not working in Google Home, which are:

  1. Sometimes the stream is not available by the device.
  2. Your Google Home and TuneIn are undergoing interference, and the app has a bug.
  3. Due to bandwidth minimization, users are ineligible to play the music.
  4. The connection of other devices on the network also led to a glitch in TuneIn.
  5. If you’re Playing the stream via a wireless network, your device will stop playing whenever the network is off.

How To Fix TuneIn Not Working In Google Home?

With the arousal of the bugs, you can fix your TuneIn Google Home by following these steps:

  1. Reload your device after unplugging network routers from the wall outlets for a few minutes and disconnecting from every device.
unplugging the WiFi router to reload the TuneIn
You can unplug the wifi router from the wall outlet and reconnect it
  1. Uninstall the Google Home, download it and connect to the speaker to bring it back to its form.
connecting google home with speakers to stream TuneIn
You can re-install the Google Home and connect it to the speaker
  1. Pick the desired radio station after browsing TuneIn in Chrome and implement the Cast menu after choosing the device.
Browsing TuneIn in Chrome
Browsing the TuneIn in Chrome.
  1. You can use the keyword tweak of the radio.

TuneIn provides a streaming service to listen to live news regarding music, sports, etc.

Trustingly, these fixing steps can help you fix the issues regarding TuneIn in Google Home.

If you want to learn about having your number on Google Chrome, go through Google Chrome.

Finally, you are ready to play anything in Google Home using TuneIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can One Use TuneIn Offline?

TuneIn directly can’t play in an offline mode. You have to directly connect TuneIn to the Internet or download the whole podcast and listen to it later, even in the absence of the network.

Which App Can I Use As An Alternative To TuneIn Even Without The Internet?

You can download the whole podcast if you have to play the TuneIn offline.

It’s not a compulsion to use TuneIn.There are some other alternatives to TuneIn. They are:

  1. Musify
  2. AIMP
  3. Pulsar
  4. Jet Audio HD Music Player
  5. Poweramp
  6. Vox

Is TuneIn no longer free?

YES! TuneIn Radio is a free app that provides access to 100,000 real radio stations and 5.7M podcasts; however, TuneIn PRO is not free.

What Is TuneIn Used For?

TuneIn is used to listen to podcasts regarding sports, music, news and so on.

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