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What Is CatGPT And How To Use It?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like talking to cats? The latest AI CatGPT is here to fulfill your wishes.

It is a tool that uses an AI model to generate cat-like responses to your questions.

Like ChatGPT, CatGPT is an AI chatbot; however, instead of a human, the bot is a cat. Furthermore, it can perform many tasks ChatGPT can perform, like writing code, instructions, etc.

Continue reading to learn about how CatGPT works, its features, and its limitations.

How Does CatGPT Model Work?

Like ChatGPT it takes the prompt provided by the user and generates text using AI. Its responses differ based on what website you are using.

Furthermore, provides coherent answers based on the prompt with certain cat-like features such as replacing “perfect” with “purrfect“.

However, OpenAI’s bot replies with meows and AI cat GIFS to every prompt.

Features Of CatGPT

The only feature OpenAI’s bot offers is the ability to talk to a cat online and rest your eyes on refreshing feline media.

Although OpenAI’s chatbot would be sufficient in a purrfect world, “” provides a few extra features.

Here are some of its most exciting features:

  1. It can write lines of code in many languages like Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, and many more.
  2. The AI provides names to every new chat for the users.
  3. Get almost all the information about topics written in cat terms.
  4. It uses cat-like puns therefore, it engages in a lively conversation about cats.

Limitations Of CatGPT

While using the CatGPT, drawbacks and limitations may arise simultaneously with its benefits.

Below are some of its limitations:

  1. Like a stubborn cat, once you enter a prompt, there is no way to stop it from generating text before it completes its answer.
  2. The scroll-down feature doesn’t work.
  3. Like cats are often lazy, the bot refuses to generate text in the background; it demands your full attention.
  4. According to the bot, it doesn’t generate any information a cat wouldn’t be interested in like political news.
  5. It has an information cutoff from September 2021. Therefore, it can’t provide information beyond that date.

How To Use CatGPT?

You can access these chatbots online as long as you are connected. Follow the following steps for accessing OpenAI’s CatGPT:

  1. Search the term “CatGPT” on Google or any other browser.
search on Google
Searching CatGPT on a search engine
  1. Click the OpenAI link as shown in the image. Alternatively, you can also directly visit ChatGPT through
what is CatGPT
Getting access to the bot by clicking the highlighted link
  1. You have now entered the OpenAI page. You can signup or log in or enter without either.
  2. To enter without logging in, you need to press the highlighted text.
enter the highlighted link
Entering the chatbot by clicking the highlighted link
  1. Thereafter, you can enter your prompt into the box at the bottom of the page.
enter the prompt
Entering the prompt in the chatbox
  1. The AI will reply as a result.
The AI will reply as a result
AI replying to the prompt

Alternatively, follow the following steps to access;

  1. Search the term “CatGPT” on Google or any other browser.
Search on Google
Entering CatGPT into the search engine
  1. Click the link as shown in the image. Alternatively, you can type “” on the search bar.
  2. Furthermore, you can also directly click the link to access the Chatbot.
Final step for
Entering the prompt into the chatbox
  1. The AI will reply as a result.
The AI will reply
AI replying to the prompt

The Bottom Line

CatGPT is just another AI chatbot released recently.

Since the sudden rise of ChatGPT different chatbots and extensions have been popularized for the users to take advantage of.

With these free extensions, you can use Artificial Intelligence to do most of the work for you, saving time and effort.

Continue reading to learn how to use ChatGPT Ambition and Link Reader plugin.
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