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Tzhaar Pickpocket: Thieving In The Mor Ul Rek

TzHaar are the golem-like creatures in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) game.

One of the exciting features of the game is pickpocketing the Tzhaar in Mor Ul Rek for the gems and valuable loots.

TzHaar Pickpocket in OSRS requires players to be on level 90, and the thieving will reward them with 3-7 Tokkul, 1 sapphire, 1 emerald, 1 ruby, and 1 diamond.

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Pickpocket The TzHaar

Mor Ul Rek is the city of the TzHaar, a race of volcanic creatures that live beneath the Karamja volcano.

One of the most profitable activities in Mor Ul Rek is pickpocketing the TzHaar-Hur, the crafters of the TzHaar society.

city of the TzHaar
City of the TzHaar is a place of ancient secrets, fiery dangers, and lucrative opportunities.

These four-armed beings are usually unarmed and busy with work, making them easy targets for skilled thieves.

However, they are also protected by their fellow TzHaar, who will come to their aid if they are attacked or robbed.

To pickpocket the TzHaar-Hur, you will need the following:

  1. Level 90 Thieving
  2. Access to the inner area of Mor Ul Rek
  3. Ice Gloves
  4. Ardougne cloak

Ice gloves are very useful for pickpocketing the TzHaar-Hur, as they prevent you from taking damage from their hot bodies.

If you attempt to pickpocket without wearing ice gloves, you will take 4 damage even if you succeed.

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List Of The Tzhaar Pickpocket Items

Players can get the following items after successfully pickpocketing the TzHaar.


Tokkul is the currency of the TzHaar. Additionally, it can be obtained by trading, killing, or stealing.

TokKul is made out of the corpses of the TzHaa
Players cannot make Tokkul.

Moreover, you can get about 3–7 Tokkul after pickpocketing.

It has a 1/1.071 rarity and is made out of the corpses of the TzHaar.

2. Ruby

1 Uncut Ruby can be obtained through pickpocketing. Moreover, the uncut Ruby has a 1/65 rarity.

precious gem used in Craftin
Ruby is a precious gem used in Crafting.

3. Sapphire

You’ll get 1 Sapphire by pickpocketing, with a rarity of 1/39.

Uncut sapphire
Uncut sapphire in Old Scape RuneScape.

4. Emerald

Similarly, you will get 1 Emerald which has the 1/48.75 rarity.

Emerald in Old Scape RuneScape.

5. Diamond

You will also get 1 Diamond, which is very rare. The rarity of this Diamond is 1/195.

Uncut diamond
Uncut diamond in Old Scape RuneScape.

Moreover, uncut gems can be cut and sold for profit or used for Crafting or Magic.

Also, you can exchange them for more Tokkul at the gem shop.

Tips To Pickpocket The TzHaar

TzHaar pickpocketing is not an easy task in OSRS. So, here are the tips to easily pickpocket:

  • Avoid the TzHaar-Ket, TzHaar-Mej, and TzHaar-Xil. These are the warriors, mages, and rangers of the TzHaar, respectively, and they will attack you if you harm their fellow TzHaar.
  • Use the hidden option for NPC ‘Attack’ options in the game controller menu. This will make the ‘Pickpocket’ option a left click rather than a right click, saving you time and clicks.
  • Spam-click the TzHaar-Hur as fast as you can. You can pickpocket more than once in a single animation, so clicking faster will increase your experience and loot rate.
  • Wear components of the rogue equipment to avoid double looting from pickpockets.

The Bottom Line

TzHaar Pickpocket is a rewarding and fun way to train your thieving skills and make money in OSRS.

Moreover, with the proper equipment, skills, and tactics, you can excel as a TzHaar thief and reap the rewards of your labor.

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