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Remnant 2 DLC Crashing: Causes And Fixes

Remnant 2 has recently released a new DLC known as The Awakened King.

However, many players are facing crash issues while playing the new DLC.

You can solve the Remnant 2 DLC Crashing by following the basic troubleshooting steps, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC, updating graphics card drivers, and waiting for the patches from Gunfire Games.

This article will discuss why Remnant 2 crashes after the new DLC and how to resolve them.

What Is New DLC In Remnant 2?

On November 14, Remnant 2 released the expansion called The Awakened King.

This new DLC follows the event in the Losomn area after dethroning the Imposter King.

Furthermore, players will face new enemies and unlock a new archetype: The Ritualist.

Players can also find new items, Armor, and Weapons while unfolding new secrets.

However, not all players are lucky to benefit from this new content.

Some players are having crashing problems in the new DLC.

Crashing In New DLC For Players 

Despite many improvements and expansions, the new DLC also introduced some crashing issues that affected some players’ experiences.

After getting the new DLC, players reported Remnant 2 suddenly crashing while playing the regular game.

This happens mainly while players are trying to learn and fight the boss.

However, the number of crashes differs according to the player and their system.

For some players, the game runs smoothly for an extended period with no problems.

New DLC Remnant 2
Some players can play the game smoothly without crashing even for an hour.

However, the crashes are frequent for others and start as they play the game for some time.

Furthermore, this crashing problem is not only limited to PCs but also to other platforms.

Some common crash areas include when players fight the new boss, enter a new area, or initiate conversation.

Moreover, the crash can hinder the ability to advance and save the gameplay.

Additionally, It can change the stable gaming experience into an annoying and frustrating experience. 

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What Are The  Causes Of Crashing In New DLC?

Currently, there is no correct answer for why there is a crash in the New DLC of Remnant 2.

However, this is not the first time Remnant 2 has had several crashing problems in the earlier versions.

Here are a few potential reasons that may cause Crashing in New DLC;

1. New Content Integration

A player may encounter a crashing issue due to adding new content and areas.

Therefore, there is an increase in the system’s complexity, and the device may result in an issue.

2. Corrupted Installations

You can encounter issues due to corrupted game files rather than new patches.

So, without any third-party app, you cannot know the exact root cause of the issue.

3. Insufficient System Resources

Running the game on the system with insufficient resources might crash and open incorrectly.

Mainly, it extended the loading time of the game.

Remnant 2 dlc crashing
A Steam user is showing frustration in the Steam Community.

How To Fix The  Causes Of Crashing In New DLC?

For the players who are facing the Crashing issues in New Remnant 2 DLC, you can try some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

1. Verify Game Files

You can go through steam, check the game’s file for any issues, and replace any corrupted archives.

Verifying the game ensures that the game is installed correctly and there are no corrupted files.

2. Update Graphics Card Drivers

If you have outdated drives, it can cause problems; therefore, keeping them updated is essential.

Furthermore, having the latest version of Windows also ensures there is not much issue with the game version.

3. Reinstall The Game

You can reinstall the game, resolving the issues if the game’s file is corrupted or missing.

Furthermore, some players confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC will solve the Crashing problem for Xbox and Steam.

Players should try it at least a few times if the single DLC reinstallation does not work.

4. Wait For Future Patches

Gunfire Games is constantly working on the fixes, so you can wait until the official fix is announced.

Furthermore, Gunfire Game recently released the Hotfix, which fixed problems affecting the base game and co-op issues.

However, there is no information on the Crashing problem.

The Bottom Line

The New Remnant 2 DLC pack has taken the game to new heights.

However, it also brought some crashing issues that reduced the gaming experience.

For players with crashing issues, general troubleshooting might help as a temporary solution.

Therefore, players must wait for Gunfire Games to release the patch or Hotfix regarding the crashing issue.

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