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How To Get Emojis And Use Them In Monopoly Go?

Emojis have been recently added to the Monopoly Go, making the game more fun and exciting.

Monopoly Go players can now choose from a variety of emojis to send to their friends.

Emojis in Monopoly Go are creative ways to express the emotions in the game. Players can earn these emojis from various in-game events and challenges to send to their friends during different game moments.

Continue reading to learn more about emojis and how to use them in Monopoly Go.

What Are Emojis In Monopoly Go?

Emojis in Monopoly Go are symbols that represent different properties, cards, and tokens in the mobile game.

They are used to communicate with other players, trade assets, and customize your profile. 

Moreover, the emojis on your profile can also be used to express your emotions to your friends.

Emojis in Monopoly Go
Different types of emojis in the showroom in Monopoly Go.

Further, players can send the emojis to their friends after building the landmarks or completing some event.

Additionally, this fun feature is generally used as a taunt that players can add to the shutdowns, bank heists, and other activities.

Many players are using emojis to tease their friends after destroying the landmark or when they go bankrupt.

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How To Collect Emojis In Monopoly Go?

Players get various chances to earn the Emojis as collectibles in the game.

1. Participate In Events

Players can collect emojis while playing various events and challenges in the game.

Likewise, emojis are the new rewards in main events, partner events, tournaments, or mini-game events.

So, players can participate in as many events as possible to get more emojis.

2. Complete Daily Tasks

The game offers daily tasks and treats that reward players with unique emojis.

Likewise, participating in the daily bonus challenge, lucky wheel, and mystery box is the chance to earn more emojis.

Further, players have to regularly log in and play which helps them receive the emoji.

How To Use Emojis In Monopoly Go?

Using the emojis in Monopoly Go is a very simple and straightforward process.

Go to My Showroom from the three-line menu bar in Monopoly Go.

Emojis in My Showroom in Monopoly Go
Players can access emojis from My Showroom in the third tab.

In the showroom collection, you can find all the items such as tokens and shields.

Further, there is a new addition of emojis in this section in the third tab which displays all the available emojis.

Click on the information(i) icon in the top left corner to see what you can use emoji for.

Emoji info
All the Emoji Info in Monopoly Go.

Further, to use the emoji, players can click on your icon after completing an event and you can any emoji from the collection.

Also, there is an option to send the emojis to your friends after landing on a property, winning an auction, or rolling good ice.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the latest feature emojis in Monopoly Go, make the game more fun and exciting for the players.

Players can use them creatively to express their emotions, and personality and even influence the game dynamics.

To earn emojis in the game, players should participate in different in-game events and challenges.

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