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Why Uberduck Removed Voices?

Uberduck has recently removed some of its best AI-generated voices after various controversies.

In contrast, the AI voice app is facing backlash from users after facing copyright issues.

Uberduck has removed the voices of all the public-generated voices after facing disputes with voice Actors. It reportedly used the voices without any permission.

Continue reading to find out why Uberduck removed voices in detail.

What Is Uberduck?

Uberduck is a popular AI voice generator that can convert text to speech, create different song genres, and clone your voice.

The AI-generated app also has features including creating ML models and creating data sets upon text-speech.

Uberduck helps users create exclusive media and content to optimize their Social Media Handles by choosing from over 5000 voices. 

Why Uberduck Removed Voices?

Uberduck’s voice was removed after the company faced copyright issues from the original voice personalities Jim Cummings and Tara Strong.

The AI didn’t have permission to use the actor’s voices; hence, it was taken down by the actors themselves. 

Uberduck voice removes
Uberduck is tweeting about the removed voices upon request.

Moreover, some voices, including the Chimpunks voice actor, were removed upon request. 

Additionally, Uberduck also terminated the contracts of some of the voice actors; hence, they had to remove multiple voice modules. 

However, users can still access the AI speech if they have contributed to Uberduck to generate their own AI voice. 

Additionally, users must ensure they have all the rights to use their voice in Uberduck. 

Moreover, amid such controversies, Uberduck had to develop a new hosting policy. 

What Are The New Changes In Uberduck?

Uberduck has a few latest updates, including the zero-shot voice-changing feature.

Unfortunately, Uberduck has shut down user-generated voices, meaning you can only use AI-generated voices from their voice partners for new users. 

Uberduck voice removed
Uberpost’s new voice policy after banning public user-contributed voices.

Thankfully, if you have saved their original voice and have the necessary permissions, you can create Rap, change your voice, and convert the text to speech.  

Additionally, users will have the authority to access and customize their voices privately. 

What Are The Best Uberduck Voices?

There are quite a few Uberduck voices liked by thousands of users worldwide.

Here are some of the best AI voices you can use in Uberduck;

  • Acapella
  • Downtown – Barre
  • High – Sana
  • Aiden -Botha
  • B LA B
  • Captain Blake
  • Angus
  • Bertie
  • Big G

The Bottom Line

Uberduck is a popular AI voice generator that removed some of its famous AI voices amid controversy.

As a result, the AI app was forced to delete all public user-generated voices and switch to Uberduck-friendly voices.

Nevertheless, Uberduck is still a great AI-voice app for creating songs, speech, or other media.

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