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Unassigned Weapon Starfield: How To Fix Them?

In Starfield, you can customize your ship with a variety of weapons.

But if you don’t assign them to a weapon group, they won’t be able to fire.

Unassigned weapons are a common problem for new players of Starfield.

To fix unassigned weapons in Starfield, go to the Shipbuilder menu, Flight Check menu, and then the Weapons tab. Consider your playstyle, range, damage, and power consumption when assigning weapons to groups.

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What Is Unassigned Weapon Starfield?

In Starfield, an unassigned weapon is a weapon that has not been assigned to a weapon group.

Weapon groups are used to control which weapons are fired when you press a button on your controller or keyboard.

You will get an error message in the Flight Check menu if you have an unassigned weapon.

The error message says, “Ship has weapons that must be assigned to a group.”

unassigned weapon
The unassigned weapon is an error message.

To fix this error, you need to assign the unassigned weapon to a weapon group.

However, the error message will disappear once you assign all your weapons to weapon groups.

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How To Assign Weapons In Starfield?

Here are some steps on how to assign weapons in Starfield:

  1. Open the Shipbuilder menu.
  2. Go to the Flight Check menu by pressing C.
  3. Now, by pressing T on the Keyboard or RB on the controller, open the Weapons section in the top right corner.
  4. When in the Weapons section, you can allocate each weapon in one of the available Weapons Group Slots.
  5. Remember one thing when assigning weapons: you can only assign one weapon type for each slot.
assigning weapons
Allocate each of the weapons in one of the available Weapons Group Slot.

Here are some additional points to be considered when assigning weapons to groups:

  • Your ship can only have a maximum of 3 different types of weapons.
  • If you try to assign more than three types of weapons, an error message will appear.
  • The Unassigned button next to the weapon can be used to unassign a weapon from a group.
  • If a weapon is to be removed from your ship, you will also need to remove it from the group.

What Happens If You Don’t Assign Your Weapons To Groups?

If you don’t assign your weapons to groups, here are some points to be considered:

1. Error Message

An error message will appear in your Flight Check menu.

The error message says, “Ship has weapons that must be assigned to a group.”

Moreover, you are not allowed to save your ship if you have unassigned weapons.

2. Unable To Fire

You will not be capable of firing your weapons even though they are already installed in your ship. 

3. Incomplete Mission

You need to use your ship’s weapon in some missions.

You will not be able to defend yourself if enemies invade your area.

However, your missions will remain incomplete if you do not have your weapons assigned to groups.

The Best Ways To Assign Weapons To Groups

Here are some points on the best way to assign your weapons to groups in Starfield:

1. Consider Your Playstyle

Which would you prefer: using different weapons or focusing on a few powerful weapons?

Decide your combat preference, this will help you with your decision in assigning weapons to groups.

2. Range Of Your Weapons

Some weapons have a long-range, while others have a short range.

Grouping your weapons based on their range helps you switch easily depending on the situation.

3. Damage Output

Some weapons have more damage than others.

You may want to group your weapons together based on their damage output.

Hence, you can focus on destroying your enemies quickly.

4. Power Usage

Different types of weapons utilize different amounts of power.

You may want to group your weapons together based on their power consumption so that you don’t overload your ship’s power supply.

5. Test To Find Your Best

There is no one right way to assign your weapons to groups.

Experiment with different combinations until you find one that you are comfortable with.

The Bottom Line

Unassigned weapons in Starfield are useless. To make your weapons useful, assign them to a weapon group.

You can find the weapon group menu in the Shipbuilder menu.

Taking into consideration how you want to use weapons, you can assign them to groups.

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