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Explore Five Unique Ship Modules In Starfield

Starfield allows you to customize your spaceship with various modules and parts.

You can find unique ship modules in different locations throughout the game world, such as space stations, planets, and asteroid fields.

Starfield’s unique ship modules include Deimos Staryards, Nova Galactic, Stroud Eklund, Taiyo Astroengineering and the Red Mile. Further, these modules have their importance while playing the game.

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Unique Ship Modules In Starfield

Starfield unique ship modules are particular parts with unique effects.

Additionally, these modules enhance your ship’s performance, appearance, or functionality.

For example, some unique ship modules can increase your power, speed, agility, hull, shield, weapon, cargo, or crew capacity.

Further, some unique ship modules can allow you to perform particular actions.

These actions are manipulating gravity, transporting living creatures, or hacking enemy ships.

However, they are rare and valuable, so you must explore the galaxy and complete quests to find them.

Also, you can trade with other factions or players to get the unique ship modules you want.

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How To Use Unique Ship Modules In Starfield?

A module is considered unique if it is different, not the same type with different numbers.

For example, a Cannon Mauler 104 and an Autocannon Mauler 104 are two unique modules, but four Cannon Mauler 104s are not.

Moreover, installing unique ship modules in Starfield is a requirement for the starship engineer certification.

Here are some suggestions to install and use the unique ship modules:

  1. You can use any module, not just those requiring a starship designer skill.
  2. Moreover, you can use habs, structural components, shield generators, etc.
  3. Next, you must leave the build menu and save the configuration for each unique module you install.
  4. Additionally, sell the parts or the ships after installing them to save money.
  5. Some modules are turrets, requiring an unlocked skill. Therefore, you have to assign power and crew to them.

List Of Unique Ship Modules In Starfield

There are a few unique ship modules in Starfield. Let’s discuss them shortly:

1. Deimos Staryards

Deimos Staryards is a dockable station near Deimos.

Moreover, you can buy new spaceships or upgrade your existing ones at Deimos Staryards.

To get to Deimos Staryards, open Starmap> Sol.

Next, zoom on Mars> and find Deimos moon and station.

Finally, set course and jump, hail and dock.

deimos staryards
Deimos Staryards is a dockable station near Deimos.

2. Nova Galactic

Nova Galactic has a rivalry with the Deimos faction based on Mars.

Additionally, it sells various ship parts and modules that you can use to upgrade your spaceship.

Nova Galactic Cannon, Nova Galactic Shield and Nova Galactic Engine are some of the unique ship modules that Nova Galactic offers.

Nova Galactic, starfield unique ship modules
Nova Galactic has a rivalry.

3. Stroud Eklund

Stroud Eklund is known for its luxury interiors, sleek design, and high-quality engineering and performance.

Additionally, it sells various ship parts and modules that you can use to upgrade your spaceship.

Stroud Eklund Reactor, Stroud Eklund Shield and Stroud Eklund Engine are unique ship modules Stroud Eklund offers.

stroud eklund
Stroud Eklund has a sleek design.

4. Taiyo Astroengineering

Taiyo Astroengineering is based in Neon Core and sells various ship parts and modules that you can use to upgrade your spaceship.

Some of the unique ship modules that Taiyo Astroengineering offers are Taiyo Laser, Taiyo Shield, Taiyo Engine and Taiyo Docker.

Taiyo Astroengineering
Taiyo Astroengineering sells various ship parts and modules.

5. The Red Mile

The Red Mile is a place to buy illegal equipment for smuggling, such as shielded cargo holds and signal jammers.

Generally, you can access the Red Mile by following the Freestar Collective faction questline.

Alternatively, you can travel to the Porrima system and land on Porrima III.

the red mile, starfield unique ship modules
The Red Mile provides illegal equipment for smuggling.

The Bottom Line

Contrarily, you can boost your ship’s performance with the Deimos Reactor, makes you faster and more robust in space.

Generally, Nova Galactic Shield will protect your ship from damage and radiation.

Additionally, you can travel faster and smoother with the Porrima III Gravity Drive.

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