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How To Obtain Derelict Black Dreadnought In Starfield?

The derelict Black Dreadnought in Starfield is a derelict ship that players will encounter in the Alpha Tirna system. 

Furthermore, the ship holds its own story that players can unravel while exploring the ship. 

The derelict Black Dreadnought is a stranded ship that players may find while traveling through the Alpha Tirna System in Starfield. Exploring the ship can be a great way to learn more about the history and extract the rewards.

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What Is The Derelict Ship In Starfield?

The derelict ship is one of the ship types that players can find while exploring the world of Starfield. 

However, unlike other ships, derelict ships are usually abandoned and have an ominous aura. 

Various factions or pirates mostly abandon the ships due to various reasons.

Furthermore, players will notice that the derelict ships are generally in terrible condition. 

However, the players can board the ship and add it to their fleet later to sell it off. 

Furthermore, players claim you can operate a Derelict ship with enough piloting skills. 

But, we advise not to give it a gander and sell it off because most of the derelict ships are in bad condition and selling them off will yield more credit than repairing them. 

However, if you find the ship exciting and want to use it, ensure you have many points in your piloting skill. 

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What Is The Derelict Black Dreadnought In Starfield? 

Derelict Black Dreadnought is one of the derelict ships players will encounter while exploring the Starfield world. 

Players will come across this ship in the outer ring of the Alpha Tirna system. 

After you board the ship, you will find that, similar to other derelict ships, the Black Dreadnought also features the same ominous aura. 

Furthermore, you will find various dead crew members around the ship.

However, the amusing thing about the ship is the number of dead pirates in it. 

Thus, this sight gives the players an overview of what occurred within the Black Dreadnought ship. 

Furthermore, as the player moves through the ship, they will come across the ship’s cockpit. 

In addition, they will find a slate in the cockpit detailing what happened on the ship. 

The slate states that the crew of another ship tried to steal the ship, and after boarding the ship, a huge fight occurred between the two crews. 

However, after a certain point, the ship’s pilot pulled out a gun to kill the other captain.

After the event, one of the wannabe pirates left the ship and boarded their previous ship to leave. 

Thus, if players want to learn about the history of the derelict Black Dreadnought ship, they must go to the cockpit. 

derelict black dreadnought starfield
The derelict Black Dreadnought ship is in the Alpha Tirna system of Starfield.

Can You Use The Derelict Black Dreadnought In Starfield? 

No! Similar to other Derelict ships, you are unable to use the ship. However, players claim it is due to the low piloting skill. 

But, we believe that the ship is simply there to remind the players about the mishaps of the space. 

However, players can add it to their fleet and later on sell it off to the ship technician.

Furthermore, some players in forums claim you can use the ship with high piloting skills. But there is no concrete proof on the matter. 

Thus, we still believe that players cannot use the Derelit Black Dreadnought ship to traverse the world of Starfield. 

Lastly, if you come across this ship in the Alpha Tirna system, enter it and have it added to your fleet. 

It can be a good source of credit, or you can even find a way to use it later.  

find slate in cockpit of derelict
Players will find a slate in Starfield’s cockpit of the derelict Black Dreadnought.

The Bottom Line

Derelict ships are ominous; however, each ship holds its own story. Similarly, the derelict Black Dreadnought also holds its own story. 

The main reason to go for any derelict ship is simply to obtain a good chunk of credit.

 Likewise, players can come across the derelict ships in different parts of Starfield to unlock the mysteries and history of the ship.

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