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Discover Everything About Undercity Reagent Vendors In WoW

This Undercity is filled with rivers and elevators where players can find the Reagent from vendors.

Undercity Reagent Vendors are a valuable source for all the players to get the supplies.

Moreover, players can find two Undercity Reagent Vendors in this city, ruled by Sylvanas Windrunner.

Hanna Akeley and Thomas Mordan are two Undercity Reagent Vendors. Both of these vendors are level 30 NPCs in World of Warcraft SOD.

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Who Are Reagent Vendors in WoW Classic?

 A Reagent is an item that players require to cast a specific spell or use a specific ability at a different level.

Reagent vendors are the NPCs in WoW who sell multiple reagents and items.

Reagents are essential to complete different quests and to get the supplies.

To find a Reagent Vendor, players look for a reagent-looking icon using the tracking system with the minimap at their locations.

Some of the items that Reagent Vendors sell are:

  • Rune of Teleportation
  • Light Feather
  • Ankh
  • Symbol of Kings
  • Arcane Powder
  • Corpse Dust

Additionally, players can get different reagents from different vendors, which vary according to the item players need to craft.

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Reagent Vendors In Undercity

Players can find Reagent Vendors in the Undercity who sell different items at different levels.

Further, there are two Undercity Reagent Vendors, and they are:

1. Hanna Akeley

Hannah Akeley is a Forsaken Reagent Supplier, added in patch

Furthermore, it is a level 30 NPC in World of Warcraft SoD.

Hannah Akeley
Hannah Akeley is one of the Reagent Vendors in WoW.

Players can find her in the Magic Quarter in Undercity.

Moreover, she is the NPC who supplies reagents to complete various quests.

3. Thomas Mordan

Thomas Mordan is a Reagent Vendor that players find in the Upper Trade Quarter.

Thomas Mordan
Agent vendors in the undercity that is found in level 30.

This Reagent Vendor in WoW Classic is also a level 30 NPC, similar to Hannah Akeley.

Further, this Reagent Vendor sells multiple items at different levels.

Reagents in UnderCity

Players can find many Reagents in Undercity from levels 20 to 60.

The only way to obtain these Reagents is to get them from the Reagent Vendor in Undercity.

In WoW, each Reagent has a unique purpose and is found in different locations.

Similarly, this Reagent Vendor in Undercity sells spell reagents and related items for various classes.

Some popular Reagents that players can get in Undercity are:

  1. Demonic Figurine is used by warlocks in the spell to summon Doomguard.
  2.  Druids need Ashwood Seed to rebirth dead allies in Rank 3.
  3. Wild Thornroot is a reagent for Rank 2 of the Druid spell.
  4. Infernal Stone Summons an Infernal to fight for you.
  5. Ironwood Seed gives rebirth to dead allies.
  6. Symbol of Kings, a reagent in Undercity needed for all of a Paladin’s Greater Blessing spells.
Players can find Reagent Vendors in these locations at Undercity.

To find these reagents, players must search in different Undercity locations.

Additionally, the famous locations are the Magic Quarter and Upper Trade Quarter.

The Bottom Line

Thus, there are two Reagent Vendors in Undercity from where players can purchase the reagents.

Further, reagents are essential to complete different tasks, cast a specific spell, or use a specific ability.

Moreover, These items can help players progress in the quests and level up in the game.

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