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Durotar Pig Meat: Use It To Cook Roasted Boar Meat

If you are looking for a simple and satisfying meal in the harsh lands of Durotar, you can’t go wrong with Durotar Pig Meat.

This Meat comes from the wild boars that roam the arid landscape and can be cooked over a campfire with minimal skill and effort.

Durotar Pig Meat drops from Durotar Boars. The Meat is used to cook roasted boar meat and restores health to 61 in over 18 seconds.

Continue reading to learn more about the Durotar Pig Meat and its uses.

The Durotar Pig Meat 

Durotar Pig Meat is a type of Meat that drops from Durotar Boars, which are level 3-4 beasts found in Durotar.

Generally, the Durotar Boars are a source of food and leather for the Orcs and Trolls.

Durotar Pig Meat can be used to cook Roasted Boar Meat.

Significantly, Roasted Boar Meat restores health to 61 in over 18 seconds and requires cooking skill 1.

Generally, it is a common and easy-to-obtain ingredient for low-level cooks and can also be used for some cooking quests.

Roasted Boar Meat
 Durotar Boars are used to cook the Roasted Boar Meat.

Kill Durotar Boars

To kill Durotar Boars, you must have a character that belongs to the Horde faction, such as an Orc or a Troll.

You will also need a weapon, such as a sword, a bow, or a staff. 

Follow the steps below to kill them:

1. Target The Boar

Click on the boar or press the Tab key. You will see its name and health bar above its head.

You can also see its level, which indicates how strong it is compared to you.

A green level means it is easy, a yellow level is moderate, and a red level is hard.

You should avoid attacking too high-level boars for you, as they can quickly kill you.

2. Use Your Abilities To Damage The Boar

You can see your abilities on the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

However, you can use them by clicking on the boar or pressing the corresponding number key.

Generally, you should use the most practical abilities against the boar, depending on your class and weapon. 

3. Keep Attacking The Boar

Keep attacking the boar until its health bar reaches zero.

You will see a message saying, “You have slain Durotar Boar,” you will gain some experience points, which will help you level up.

4. Loot The Boar

You will also see an icon on the boar’s corpse, which means you can loot it for items such as Durotar Pig Meat.

Thus, loot the boar by right-clicking on its corpse.

Further, you will see a window showing the items the boar dropped; take them by clicking or pressing the Shift key.

However, you can leave them by closing the window or pressing the Escape key.

You can only loot a boar you or your party members have killed.

You can see your inventory by pressing the B key to show the items you collected.

Stephen Ryback the cooking trainer
Stephen Ryback can provide you with cooking recipes.

How To Cook Roasted Boar Meat?

Cooking is a secondary profession in WOW SOD that allows players to create various dishes that can heal them, buff them, or grant them other benefits.

You need some ingredients and guidance to cook the Roasted Boar Meat.

Ingredients For Roasted Boar Meat

To cook Roasted Boar Meat, you will need the following ingredients and tools:

1. Durotar Pig Meat

The Meat drops from Durotar Boars; you can obtain it by killing and looting Durotar Boars.

You will need one Durotar Pig Meat for each Roasted Boar Meat you want to cook.

2. Simple Wood

This is a primary material; you can buy it from general goods vendors.

You can buy from Innkeeper Gryshka in Orgrimmar or Innkeeper Kauth in Thunder Bluff.

You will need one Simple Wood for each campfire you make.

3. Flint and Tinder

You will need one Flint and Tinder to create a Basic Campfire, which is necessary for cooking.

These are tools, and you can buy them from general goods vendors.

4. Roasted Boar Meat recipe

This is a cooking recipe that you can learn from a cooking trainer, such as Zargh in Orgrimmar or Aska Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff.

You must have a cooking skill of 1 or higher to learn this recipe.

Cook Roasted Boar Meat

Once you have all the ingredients and tools, you can follow these steps to cook Roasted Boar Meat:

1. Use Your Flint And Tinder

Find a safe spot and use your Flint and Tinder to create a Basic Campfire.

You will need one Simple Wood for each campfire you make.

2. Roasted Boar Meat Recipe

Right-click on the campfire to open the cooking window.

Then, select the Roasted Boar Meat recipe and click on Create.

You will need one Durotar Pig Meat for each Roasted Boar Meat you cook.

3. Enjoy The Meat

Enjoy your Roasted Boar Meat! You can eat it by right-clicking on it in your inventory.

It will restore some of your health and give you a Well Fed buff that increases your stamina by 2 for 15 minutes.

Cook the Durator Pig Meat
Cook and enjoy the Meat.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner or a master cook, Durotar Pig Meat is a versatile and tasty ingredient that you can use to make various dishes. 

Significantly, it symbolizes the Orcs’ and Trolls’ survival and resilience in the harsh lands of Durotar.

By cooking and eating this meat, you can experience a part of their culture and history and gain some health and stamina.

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