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Diablo 4- How To Use Invoker On Outgrowth?

Have you ever been curious about how to summon and combat Diablo 4’s most formidable Malignant enemies?

If so, you must learn to employ Invokers on Outgrowths, fresh features introduced in Season 1.

An Invoker is a consumable item; you can find them as drops, craft them with Ichor, or complete seasonal quests. Similarly, to use it, you need to complete a Malignant Tunnel Dungeon, activate an Outgrowth with a matching Invoker, and defeat a Malignant Elite to get a Malignant Heart.

Continue reading to discover more about Invoker on outgrowth and how to use it.

What Is Invoker In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, an Invoker is a sort of artifact that allows you to call Malignant solid opponents.

These opponents are in the Malignant Tunnels, new dungeons added in Season 1.

You can get Malignant Hearts by killing these monsters.

These extraordinary artifacts provide unique legendary powers when socketed into your gear.

Invokers are classified into four types: Brutal, Devious, Vicious, and Wrathful.

Each correlates to a particular Malignant Heart and Outgrowth pustules hue, which you must pierce with the Invoker to start the event.

Devious Outgrowth in a Malignant Tunnel
Devious Outgrowth in a Malignant Tunnel

Benefits Of Using Invoker In Diablo 4

Using Invokers in Diablo 4 can benefit your character and gameplay. Some of the benefits of using Invokers are:

1. Invoker Variants

You must poke the pustules with the Invoker to trigger the event.

Each pustule connects to a specific coloring of the Malignant Heart and Outgrowth.

For instance, you will receive a blue Malignant Heart with Brutal abilities if you utilize a Brutal Invoker.

Wrathful Invoker
Wrathful Invoker

2. Ichor Recycling

Cormond’s workshop crafts Invokers with Ichor, a new substance obtained by salvaging undesired Malignant Hearts.

You may utilize this method to recycle your extra Hearts and transform them into more useful Invokers.

3. Malignant Mastery

You may push yourself by defeating more vigorous opponents and getting higher prizes.

The Malignant monsters that spawn from the Invokers are more robust than ordinary adversaries and drop more treasure and experience.

The Wrathful Invoker is the rarest and most potent Invoker.

It is used on any Outgrowth to activate a super Malignant Elite that drops a random Malignant Heart.

4. Power Diversity

Experimenting with different Malignant Hearts and abilities can provide additional fun and variation to your gaming.

The Malignant Hearts have varying effects based on the kind and color of the Heart.

They may also be paired with other legendary goods to create synergies and diversity.

How To Get Invoker In Diablo 4?

You can find Invokers as drops from Malignant monsters or chests.

There are three ways to get Invoker; each way needs different ideas. Here’s the description of those steps:

1. Find As Random Drops

You must play the Malignant Tunnels game mode, which allows you to discover dungeons inhabited by Malignant enemies.

These creatures can drop Malignant Hearts, legendary items with specific abilities.

These hearts may be used to make Invokers, which are consumables capable of activating Malignant Outgrowths.

Malignant Outgrowths are structures that summon Malignant Elites when poked with an Invoker.

If you defeat these elites, you can obtain additional Malignant Hearts of a particular hue and kind.

2. Craft At Cormond’s Workbench

Follow the steps below to craft Invoker at Cormond’s Workbench:

1. Gather Ichor

First, you must gather Ichor, a new resource in three varieties: Brutal, Devious, and Vicious.

Ichor can be obtained by looting enemies or chests, salvaging Malignant Hearts at Cormond’s workbench.

Another way to get Ichor is by completing Malignant Tunnels, which are new dungeons added in Season 1.

2. Visit Cormond’s workbench

Second, go to Cormond’s workbench in Kyovashad, and pick the Crafted Cache option.

Then, select the type and rarity of the Invoker you want to build and spend the appropriate amount of Ichor.

Cormond’s workbench

3. Use In The Malignant Tunnel

Once you’ve built the Invoker, you may use it in the Malignant Tunnel by inserting it into the corresponding Outgrowth.

A Brutal Invoker, for example, evolves into a Brutal Outgrowth.

This will summon an Elite Malignant monster that will drop the same Malignant Heart as the Invoker.

You can also make an Uncertain Invoker, which has the possibility of spawning a Wrathful Invoker, the rarest and most potent variety of Invoker.

craft malignant
Craft Malignant items

3. Complete Seasonal Quests

The third option is to complete Seasonal Quests, which reward you with Ichor and Invokers.

Seasonal Quests are designed to challenge you and test your skills in various aspects of the game, such as combat, exploration, crafting, or PvP.

You can access Seasonal Quests from the Seasonal Journal, a new interface showing your progress and rewards for the current season.

How To Use Invoker On Outgrowth?

To use an Invoker on an Outgrowth in Diablo 4, you need to follow these steps:

1. Complete Tunnel Dungeon

Complete a Malignant Tunnel Dungeon, one of the new dungeons included in Season 1, denoted on the global map by a green leaf symbol.

2. Wrathful Woes

At the conclusion of the dungeon, there is a Malignant Outgrowth, which is a big pustule with two lesser Outgrowths adjacent to it.

One of them is a dark Wrathful Outgrowth that may be utilized with any Invoker.

The other is a Brutal, Devious, or Vicious Outgrowth, which is either blue, purple, or red.

Uncertain Invoker
Uncertain Invoker

3. Outgrowth Activation

Utilize an Invoker with the same hue as the Outgrowth you wish to trigger.

For example, you must utilize a Brutal Invoker to initiate a Brutal Outgrowth.

Invokers may be crafted at Cormond’s workshop with Ichor, a new substance obtained by recovering undesired Malignant Hearts.

4. Outgrowth Combat

A Malignant Elite will spawn from the Outgrowth after you utilize the Invoker.

Defeat it to obtain a Malignant Heart that matches the hue of the Outgrowth.

When Malignant Hearts are socketed into your gear, they offer you unique legendary powers.

The Bottom Line

Contrarily, Invokers on Outgrowths is a great way to analyze the new technique and enjoy the Season of the Malignant.

Additionally, Outgrowths’ Invokers let you pick Malignant Hearts and make Invokers with Ichor.

Continue reading more about how to get a wrathful heart, level up Malignant hearts and Invoker of Varshan recipe in Diablo 4.
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