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How To Get Wrathful Heart In Diablo 4?

Wrathful Hearts are the exclusive items in Diablo 4 Season 1, one of the Malignant Heart types. 

The Malignant Heart is used to upgrade your Character’s ability to defeat enemies with Caged Heart. 

Players can get Wrathful Heart in Diablo 4 by entering Malignant tunnels and killing Elite Wrathful. However, players must ensure they’ve unlocked all the Equipment and goods, including Ichor and Gold coins.

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What Is A Wrathful Heart? 

Wrathful is one of the best precious items that come under Malignant Heart.

Moreover, like other Malignant Hearts, Wrathful helps to boost the Character’s abilities to defeat the rivals. 

Furthermore, Wrathful Heart is also called Super Power, and the precious item can be dropped only via Wrathful  Malignant Monsters

Additionally, the exclusive item then can deviate with any Infested Socket color, unlike other Malignant Hearts, which can only socket with the same color. 

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How To Get Wrathful Heart In Diablo 4?

Wrathful Heart is a type of Malignant Heart, therefore, users should first unlock Malignant Heart to access the Wrathful Heart. 

To start using the abilities of Wrathful Heart, the user will need to Use Invoker.

Unfortunately, the only way to unlock Wrathful Malignant Invokers is through Random Invoker or Caged Heart.

Additionally, you will need exclusive items called Ichor to activate the utilities in Wrathful Hearts. 

Ichor is acquired through less powerful Malignant monsters or Salvaged Caged Hearts

Step 1: Craft Malignant Invoker

Follow the steps outlined below to get Malignant Invoker in Diablo 4 to start defeating powerful allies.

  1. Visit Cormond’s Workbenches, which are available towards Sanctuary at Waypoints.
  2. Ensure you have at least 20 Vicious, Devious and Wrathful Malignant Ichors in your Backpack.
  3. Unlock Ichors by salvaging the unwanted Malignant Hearts. 
  4. Get Invoker by spending 1000 gold points

After you craft Maliganat Invoker in Diablo 4, it is time to hunt for Wrathful Heart.

Step 2: Get Wrathful Heart 

After you craft Malignant Invoker in Diablo 4, it is time to hunt for Wrathful Heart.

Follow the process to get Wrathful Heart in Diablo 4;

  1. Visit any Malignant Tunnel out of any four spawns.
Wrathful Heart in Diablo 4
Entering a Malignant spawn called Ravening Pit.
  1. Unlock the Equipment by defeating various in-game enemies. Make sure you play with friends to unlock items faster. 
Equipping Caged Heart
Equipping Caged Heart of Creeping Death.
  1.  Search for Wrathful Elite and defeat them.
Fighting against Elite Wrathful
Fighting against Elite Wrathful to earn Wrathful Heart.
  1.   Collect the Wrathful Heart to Enhance the Character’s abilities.
Collect Wrathful Heart
Collecting the Wrathful Heart to Boost Character’s Ability.

How To Use Wrathful Heart?

After defeating Elite Wrathful, the Hearts can augment the Character’s abilities after extracting Wrathful Heart. 

Then, players can equip a Wrathful Heart in their inventory, making their Character almost unbeatable in the battle.

Follow the steps to use Wrathful Heart in Diablo 4;

  1. After unlocking Wrathful Heart, tap on Caged Heart.
Tap on Caged Heart
Tap on Caged Heart.
  1. Equip your precious Wrathful Heart and upgrade your Character.
Equip the Wrathful Heart in the inventory
Equipping the Wrathful Heart in the Player’s Inventory.

The Bottom line

The Wrathful Heart is one of the precious items lying under the Malignant Heart.

Furthermore, we can get Wrathful Heart after defeating Elite Wrathful by entering any of the four Malignant tunnels.

Good luck in finding rare Wrathful Heart item in Diablo 4. 

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