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How To Level Up Malignant Hearts In Diablo 4?

The Malignant Hearts is a Season 1 exclusive item that can be embedded into special Malignant Sockets on Jewelry.

Moreover, these items grant your characters various unique and powerful bonuses.

Defeating corrupted Foes, crafting Malignant Hearts and clearing Malignant Tunnels are the ways to level up Malignant Hearts.

In this article, you will learn details of Malignant Hearts, including where to find them and how to level up for optimum impact.

What Is Malignant Hearts?

In Diablo 4, the Malignant enemy class, a brand-new elite opponent class, drops unique prizes known as Malignant Hearts.

It is a rare item that can be used to summon elite Malignant monsters.

Therefore, players now face more significant challenges and excitement thanks to the release of Malignant Hearts.

Additionally, fighting off the elite Malignant foes that have invaded Sanctuary will get you these potent prizes.

These hearts can be inserted into the appropriate jewelry sockets and represent various colors.

Malignant hearts can be of four different types.

  • Brutal Heart (Red): Slots into Red jewelry sockets
  • Vicious Heart (Blue): Slots into Blue jewelry sockets
  • Devious Heart (Purple): Slots into Purple jewelry sockets
  • Wrathful Heart: Can be slotted into any socket

Each variety of malignant hearts offers distinctive and potent effects that can significantly improve your character’s skills.

However, a rare drop may be placed in any socket, providing even greater customization options.

How To Obtain Malignant Hearts In Diablo 4?

Players must first find and eliminate Malignant foes to get a Malignant Heart.

These adversaries present a more significant challenge and are substantially more potent than typical adversaries.

Players can use the Cage of Binding to take the heart of a defeated Malignant adversary.

It’s crucial to remember that carrying out the binding ceremony will draw additional elite Malignant foes, including a more powerful variation of the foe you just beat.

Once all the malignancy has been removed, you will receive a Caged Heart as payment.

You can salvage unused Malignant Hearts at Cormond’s Wagon to get Ichor if you have any on hand or want to start over with a lower-level Heart.

Level up Malignant Hearts
You can acquire different Malignant Hearts by defeating Malignant foes.

Depending on the sort of Heart you salvage, you will receive a specific amount of Ichor.

The rarest hearts, called Wrathful Hearts, produce the most Ichor.

Additionally, you can create fresh Malignant Hearts as soon as you have enough Ichor.

The mixture of Ichor from two different kinds of Hearts is needed for the crafting recipe.

For instance, 35 Brutal Ichor and 35 Devious Ichor are needed to make a Vicious Heart.

While the precise expenses for creating a Wrathful Heart are unknown, combining all three forms of Ichor is anticipated.

Keep reading to explore ways to get Wrathful Heart in Diablo 4. 

How To Level Up Malignant Hearts In Diablo 4?

Leveling up your Malignant Hearts is essential for maximizing their potential and increasing your damage output.

Moreover, like with characters, leveling up Malignant Hearts involves gaining experience with them.

Additionally, the power of a particular Heart will grow as you acquire experience with it, giving you even more significant advantages and skills.

Diablo 4 has various methods to level up your Malignant Hearts.

1. Completing Malignant Tunnels

Malignant opponents can be found in the game’s specific Malignant Tunnels locations.

Additionally, the chance to cultivate experience for your Malignant Hearts in these tunnels is fantastic.

Search Sanctuary for these tunnels and accept the difficulties they present.

2. Defeating Malignant Enemies

Defeating Malignant opponents is the primary way to get experience for your Malignant Hearts.

To level up Malignant Hearts, these monsters drop experience orbs.

3. Crafting Malignant Hearts

Moreover, crafting fresh Malignant Hearts is another way to level them up.

You can get Ichor, which you can utilize to create fresh Hearts or Malignant Invokers, by salvaging unused Malignant Hearts at Cormond’s Wagon.

After that, you can start over with a lower-level Heart and gain experience with it from scratch by crafting new hearts.

The Bottom Line

Malignant Hearts are potent gifts in Diablo 4 that can significantly improve your character’s skills.

You can access special powers and skills exclusive to your class by defeating Malignant foes, taking their Hearts, and leveling them up.

Moreover, there are Malignant capabilities to fit every play style, whether you choose attacking, defensive, or supercharged skills.

Therefore, try various combinations, level up your Hearts, and use the power of Malignance to conquer Sanctuary’s difficulties.

Continue reading to learn whether Malignant Hearts Stack in Diablo 4.
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