How to Use Sticky Notes Creatively for your Home Office?

Use sticky notes creatively
Use sticky notes creatively (Source: Amazon)

Working from home has its perks like comfort and convenience. Yet, I think we all can agree that it takes a toll on our productivity over time. 

The pandemic situation has changed my work environment to the work-from-home module.

I tried to improve my productivity by using sticky notes creatively as distractions at home affected my work organization.

In general, sticky notes can be used creatively to work, organize and manage our home office. When used creatively, it can boost your overall work productivity, increase work participation, and make working fun. Besides its original purpose, it has versatile use like bookmarking, organizing cords, and many more.

Use of sticky notes
Use of sticky notes (Source: Amazon)

From my experience with sticky notes, I can say that as helpful as these can be for task management, they can be equally messy.

So, I tried different ways to organize my tasks in them and to organize and place the sticky notes or post-it notes creatively.

Let’s have a look at some tips to use sticky notes creatively for your home office.

Benefits of Using Paper Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful and easy to use. So let’s have a look at their usefulness and benefits.

1. Better Planning

For instance, planning for work or an event is tedious, mainly because we must ensure no steps or vital details are missing.

We can quickly move around the steps or add to the workflow plan without the mess and struggle of modifying the whole project with sticky notes.

2. A Fun Way to Study

We can all agree that studying takes up lots of our efforts. However, study time can be made fun and easy by the use of Sticky notes creatively.

For instance, we can use them for creating a study plan. Also, we can use sticky notes to write short bullet points, summarize the lessons, index topics to notes, and many more.

Customizable sticky notes are also available, making the study time more enjoyable—gear up for studying with customizable sticky notes available on Amazon.

Sticky Note Study Help
Sticky Note Study Help (Source: Amazon)

3. Memory Booster

Flashcards use the active recall retrieval method to boost memory retention. According to research (Senzaki et al., 2017), students that use flashcards to study score significantly more on tests than those students who do not.

They check most of the boxes to the similarity being similar in size and functionality. Hence, we can use sticky notes as a cheaper alternative for flashcards.

4. Set Short Term Goals

Generally, people use planners for writing long-term goals. However, we can write short-term goals like daily or weekly goals on sticky notes.

We can constantly see the goals written on sticky notes and pasted somewhere, which reminds us always of our goals.

Sticky Notes Set Goals
Sticky Notes Set Goals (Source: Flickr)

5. Enables Participation

Using sticky notes is not just about its functionality. It also enables participation.

We can arrange the sticky notes by their color, contents, or shapes.

Using sticky notes creatively, like moving them around and taking them off when tasks are completed, raises a sense of participation in users.

Due to this, one becomes motivated to work and complete tasks more.

6. Promotes Ownership

Organizing and managing one’s plans and tasks creates a sense of ownership among the users.

Furthermore, taking ownership of any activity increases one’s dedication towards it.

Also, using sticky notes is quite an enjoyable way to do it.

Where to Place the Sticky Notes to Keep your Tasks Organized?

The placement of the sticky notes determines how often we see them and when we see them.

Therefore, it is a given that we would want to see them at crucial times.

Here are some ideas on creatively arranging them in our workspace for time management.

The places we place sticky notes affect our productivity and are a different choice for everyone to make.

But first, let’s have a look at the table for places where we can use the sticky notes creatively in our home office.

Where to place Sticky NotesHow they Improve Organization?
WhiteboardClustering of tasks in one place
Journals Bookmark/Labels
Laptop/ DesktopIncreased visibility
Improved motivation

Task organization manageable
Door Increased visibility

 1. Placing in Whiteboard

Placing sticky notes everywhere on the wall can be messy. Instead, you can use the whiteboard for your home office to put sticky notes arranged by tasks on weeks and weekdays, days of the week, daily timetable, etc.

Note: Whiteboard works as a perfect placement for sticky notes by clustering all our tasks, making them easy to plan and organize.

2. Using in Journal Pages

Journals help maintain our work updates and pieces of information. But, finding the required data is only possible through turning page by page. 

Sticky notes serve a dual function in solving this problem. First, by placing sticky notes as a page marker, we can easily access our work information.

Second, sticky notes can also act as snippets of the journal chapter or page if we write a summary on them.

3. Pasting on Laptop/Desktop

While working in our home office, we see our laptop or desktop more than anything else in our work hours. Besides, placing sticky notes on them ensures that we do not miss out on important work reminders.

Additionally, this placement will also declutter the workspace and keep your workspace organized. 

Sticky note on the edge of the Laptop screen
A sticky note on the edge of the Laptop screen (Source: Freerange stock)

4. Organizing Folders

Do you have folders filled with work papers stacked up at your home desk?

Sticky notes are the perfect labelers for you! Colorful sticky notes can be used as a label for all your folders so you can arrange them by their category, priority, or any order.

You will never have to rummage through the piles in a rush again.

5. Marking Planners

Organizing is more manageable if we keep a planner for sticky notes alone.

We can organize sticky notes inside the planners by categorizing chapters or topics.

The sticky notes can be removed once the task is completed, leaving a perfectly reusable planner.

Also, the motivation increases when we can physically cross out or release the notes to mark task completion.

6. Placing Reminders on Doors

When there are crucial reminders like meeting reminders, we need to ensure that we don’t miss them.

Unfortunately, especially while working from home, these things can go unnoticed.

We should place sticky notes in the places which we can’t avoid seeing, like doors.

It acts as a constant reminder and is a non-distracting alternative to setting alarms on phones.

Organization of Tasks in Sticky Notes

Now that we can organize sticky notes in the workspace.

How about we go into depth and see how we can creatively manage our tasks in sticky notes to be more focused and punctual with our works.

1. Color Coding the Task

Sticky notes are available in a widely colorful palette. Therefore, we can use different colors of the sticky notes for sorting and grouping tasks.

Furthermore, color coding is beneficial in prioritizing tasks. At one glance, we can differentiate urgent tasks from the other.

Quick Fact: Color-coding improves clarity by applying basic visual methods.

Colorful Sticky Notes
Colorful Sticky Notes (Source: Pxfuel)

2. Making your Writings Concise

Standard sticky notes are usually 3 X 3, which is not a lot of space. Primarily, the trick lies in maximizing the utility of its minimum space.

Besides, we should limit the writings to a few words or sentences. This way, the report is more visible and catches our attention quicker than reading out long papers in small letters, making it more difficult.

Not to mention, concise writing helps us understand the context or reminders faster than wasting time on comprehending longer texts.

3. Creating a Checklist

We can write short checklists of tasks on sticky notes for work motivation. They provide us with a clear view of the tasks to be completed and on our accomplishments.

Also, checklists are handy in managing and planning for a day or even weeks’ worth of work.

Checklists are a fun and motivational way of getting things done.

Checklists Sticky Notes
Checklists Sticky Notes (Source: Amazon)

4. Brainstorming New Ideas

Ideas required for completing any task can pop up in our minds anytime. Sticky notes are perfect for a brainstorming session.

After writing ideas randomly on those notes, we can identify themes and patterns on those ideas and collect them. These ideas can now form a good plan.

We can group them or sort them for further planning. For example, we can use different colors for headings and contents or a color pattern like red to show currentness and yellow for highlight points.

For a detailed idea on brainstorming using sticky notes, watch the video below.

Creative Ways to Use  Paper Sticky Notes

1. Bookmark Pages

What to do when you’re reading a book and need to mark a page quickly? Grab a sticky note!

In fact, you can use different colors of them in a single book to mark pages. Also, you can write small notes, and you have your own easy personalized bookmarks.

Sticky Notes Bookmark
Sticky Notes Bookmark (Source: Flickr)

2. Keyboard Cleaner

The sticky side of the sticky notes not only makes it perfect for sticking it in places, but it can also be used as a cleaner.

We can all relate to dirt and dust accumulating between the keys in our keyboard. Furthermore, they are quite hard to clean.

However, we can swipe the sticky side of the sticky notes between the keys and clean in one go.

Did you know? Sticky notes were created in 1968 but as an accident. The glue was supposed to be a strong adhesive.

3. Cord Organizer

Colorful sticky notes can be wrapped around the cords in your home office. Besides, color-coding also helps in identifying the cords in a bundle.

It can be used as a whole or cut out into strips to tie around the cords.

4. Coaster

The sticky notes also come in handy when there are no coasters around, and you have to set a cup of coffee down on your table.

It might be a temporary solution, but your home office table is now mark-free and clean as ever.

5. Print Out

We can use sticky notes more creatively in-home office by using them to print. You can save the printer ink and use the printout for decorations. It’s an eco-friendly approach to decoration.

To do so, stick the sticky notes in printing paper and print over it; you can peel them off and use them where ever you want.

Can you Reuse Used Sticky Notes?

Besides being tiny, used Sticky notes can generate lots of paper waste. So, let’s go through some ways to recycle and reuse them.

  • Write on both sides of the note to make a quick note or scribble something.
  • Be artistic! Make an origami craft for your work desk, or make paper art for your wall.
  • Use them as paper confetti or gift tags.

Else, you can also use re-writable post-it notes. Finally, we can use erasable markers to write on its whiteboard surfaces. You can buy them at Amazon.

Use Sticky Notes Creatively Origami
Use Sticky Notes Creatively Origami (Source: Flickr)

How to Store sticky Notes?

Sticky notes are great task organizers, but how do we store them?  Here are some tips on their storage.

  • Use a Sticky notes dispenser. They come in such adorable varieties, which can also double up as decor. Check out this cat post-it dispenser on Amazon.
  • Use a memo holder to store multiple of them.
  • Please make use of old small containers or cardboard boxes to store them.
Sticky Notes Dispenser Cat
Sticky Notes Dispenser Cat (Source: Amazon)

Drawbacks of Sticky Notes

Although there are many uses of sticky notes, there are some drawbacks to using them. Below are some disadvantages they can cause:

  • The glue in sticky notes is harmful when place on paper-based surfaces like books. The glue solidifies, leaving an acidic layer behind. The paper will eventually fade and become fragile as an outcome.
  • The color dye used to color sticky notes makes them difficult to recycle with white papers.
  • Sticky notes do not stick when used more than once, making it easy to lose them, and important information is written on them.

Do Paper Sticky Notes Harm Laptops?

The glue used in sticky notes is a weak adhesive that does not leave a residue. So, placing them on your laptop will not pose any harm.

However, it is advisable not to place them on the screen as it can disturb and block the screen.

Are Paper Sticky Notes Eco-Friendly?

Since sticky notes are paper-based and have a non-toxic glue, it is considered biodegradable. Hence, it can be turned into compost, making it an eco-friendly option.

However, all paper waste negatively impacts the environment, most of which is during its production process.

Nitrogen dioxide(NO), sulfur dioxide (SO) and carbon dioxide (CO), and other harmful gases are released during paper production, which contributes to air pollution.

Therefore, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option, you can choose recycled post-it notes or use digital sticky notes.

Final Thoughts

Sticky notes are a fun way of organizing tasks while working from home. It helps bring in the motivation required for working while making the workspace colorful and vibrant.

Simple efforts such as placing sticky notes in journals, whiteboards, folders, laptops, and doors can keep things organized for easily distracted and improve time management skills.

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