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20 Essential Things to Keep in Your Desk Drawer

It takes a lot of effort to create a productive workstation.

You must not only select the appropriate desk, drawers, computer, lighting, and other furnishings but also arrange and organize them in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

Your desk drawers are often the most significant storage components in your home office, and deciding what to keep and how to organize them may be difficult.

Rather than storing useless stuff in your desk drawer and causing a mess in your home office, you can use them to help you manage your office supplies.

Having essential items in your desk drawer is often required to access the items while working conveniently. It also organizes your desk drawer and boosts your office productivity. The necessary things to maintain in your desk drawer are stationery, electronics and gadgets, documents, files, and essential storage devices.

Desk with drawer
Office desk with drawer(Source: Amazon)

After the jump, we’ll give you some ideas on how to set up an effective storage system for your home office. Then, scroll down further to learn more about making the most of your desk drawer.

Central Drawers on your Desk

Depending on your desk, desk size, and manufacturers, desk drawers come in different types and designs.

You can even customize the drawers as per your need. But, of course, it’s always beneficial to customize the drawer as per your need.

You can get different types of drawers on your desk.

Main DrawersItems to be keptWhere to place this drawer?Uses
1. Wallet/Key DrawersWallet, Keys, business cards Top drawer-To protect your wallets and keys.
-To have quick access to your cards in wallets, as well as keys.
2. Stationery drawersPen, Pencil, Scales, Glue sticks, and other stationery itemsTop drawer or below wallet key/drawer.-To finish your job on time
-To conveniently acquire stationery materials .
3. Labeler DrawerStorage devices like hard drive, CDs, and USBsTop or center of the drawer-To keep your storage devices safe
-Easy device access during meetings and presentations.
4. Financial drawerFinancial documents like cheques, financial statements and vouchersBottom drawer-Proper security to financial document.
-Saves time from searching
5. File drawerImportant files of the business and workBottom drawer mostly on the last drawer-Orderly file management
-Easy access to files

Note: These five drawers will be more than plenty for a typical home office.

You may do so if you work in the technology sector and need to design different drawers for different devices and equipment.

If you work in the video or vlogging industry, you can create a separate compartment for your cameras, gadgets, and chargers.

20 Essential Things to Keep in Your Office Desk Drawer

After working at a home office for a while, I’ve discovered that having unnecessary stuff in my drawer makes my workspace look crowded and unattractive.

Unfortunately, this has also led to my keeping worthless items in drawers and vital items outside of drawers.

Keeping unneeded stuff in the drawer has various consequences, which I have experienced at my home office.

So let’s start with a list of everything you should keep in your office desk drawer.

1. Stationery Items

Every office job requires the use of stationery. In addition, every office task requires a pen, pencil, markers, glue sticks, scissors, a stapler, and paper.

One may use stationery drawers to store a variety of stationery items.

Sticky notes are one of the most crucial stationery products in your home office. Sticky notes can be kept in your desk drawer.

It aids in better planning, memory enhancement, and even study methods.

If you want to learn more about how to utilize sticky notes successfully in your home office  Please check How to Use Sticky Notes Creatively for your Home Office?

Due to its extensive applicability in any home office work, one may count it as one of your top items.

Stationery items
Stationery items in desk drawer(Source: Flickr)

2. Office Files

A file drawer is where office files are maintained. It comprises office reports, crucial presentation material, and even an office’s daily administrative records. These files can be kept safe in a desk drawer.

Generally, a Company’s official records are maintained safely in office files, which one may use to compare the past and present.

They are also essential components in every office desk drawer.

Because file cabinets are typically expensive, using a desk drawer in an office saves money and space.

In addition, the desk drawer can perform the same function as file cabinets.

3. Financial Documents

Financial papers are a vital element of your business if you work in the financial or commercial sector.

The loss of financial documents can significantly impact your professional and personal life.

On the other hand, relevant files are unlikely to be misplaced if stored in a desk drawer.

Because I labeled a distinct compartment for financial documents, the desk drawer performed a critical role in keeping my financial records safe.

As a result, putting your file in a desk drawer allows you to be more efficient while looking for papers and keeping them secure and organized.

4. Storage Devices

USB drives and hard drives are crucial office storage equipment. They help store files, back up data, and even collect raw files.

The usage and safety of storage devices are critical in every business, for example, for making presentations, creating reports, and even transferring data across devices.

I started collecting numerous storage devices in my desk drawer after losing a lot of data on my PC.

Since I stored my documents in the desk drawer, it reminded me to keep them in the storage device.

The desk drawer kept my storage devices and sensitive information in those storage devices safe, thanks to the desk drawers.

5. Chargers and Power Banks

To work for an extended period, you must keep your device running. As a result, storing chargers and power banks in your desk drawer is a must.

Every team member in the office uses electronic gadgets that may require a charging cable or even a power bank.

If you work in the digital media industry, you must utilize various devices that require extra charging cables and power banks.

If you have a lot of gadgets, it’s best to make a separate drawer for them. Combining configurations for both storage and charging devices, on the other hand, might be beneficial.

6. Small Wireless Lamps

If your room light breaks in an emergency, keeping wireless lights in your desk drawer is a good idea.

Different tiny lights may easily fit in your desk drawer and are helpful in the event of an unexpected power outage.

It may also be utilized at night if the light in your room is insufficient for your workplace setup.

Furthermore, since one can keep it close to your workstation, it gives additional light and may be used as your room’s single light source.

Desk Lamps
Desk Lamps(Source: Amazon)

You can buy different wireless lamps for your home office on Amazon.

If you’re interested in learning more about desk lamps for your home office. Check out our guide on How to Choose the Desk Light for Home Office?

7. Wallet/Keys

In my home office, my wallet and keys are also essential. Because my home office has various shelves and file cabinets, I like to store my keys on those shelves in separate drawers because they are such important items.

Furthermore, one may keep their wallet and keys in the same drawer.

Wallets are also utilized in the office since they store contact cards for various key individuals, credit cards, and debit cards, all of which are necessary for office work.

8. Gadgets Cleaning Equipment

Dust particles create various issues, from hardware component damage to increased heat and electrical output, raising the Fire risk.

As a result, various cleaning equipment and liquid should be kept in your drawer for cleaning your electronics.

Because many people use drawers daily, cleaning materials in the drawer will remind you to clean your gadgets regularly.

Here are some cleaning items that you’ll need for your home office:

9. Additional Input Devices

In your home office, input devices such as a mouse, keyboards, webcams, and various audio-sharing devices are essential if you regularly work from home.

Your device’s components may suffer from a variety of issues or damage.

As a result, storing an extra input device in a desk drawer might be pretty beneficial.

During virtual meetings, seminars, and presentations, a desk drawer will come in handy if your input device suddenly stops working or if there is a problem with audio or video transmitting equipment.

10. Power stabilizers 

Power stabilizers are another essential component for preventing harm to your electronics. For example, your gadgets will not be safe against impulsive noise if you use power stabilizers (high flow of electrical energy).

Impulse noise has the potential to harm your equipment and possibly start a Fire.

Impulse noise arises from lighting during the rainy season or frequent power outages.

As a consequence, keeping a medium-sized power stabilizer in your office drawer will assist you in protecting your device during periods of high illumination, such as during the rainy season or periods of frequent power outages.

One should always keep power stabilizers in your desk drawer to aid you in a power outage. It can also be utilized at your home office using a high-voltage gadget.

Power stabilizers are essential components that every office worker should purchase.

11. Multiplugs

Multiplugs have numerous sockets, allowing you to connect multiple devices. With the growth of your home office, you’ll be able to add more technological equipment.

Similarly, as a freelancer, I upgraded and added new devices to my home office each passing year. With additional gadgets, you won’t be able to fit all of your plugs on a single wall switch.

As a result, the multiplugs in my drawer came in handy since they allowed me to utilize numerous devices simultaneously.

If you need to work from multiple devices, having a multiplug in your drawer will enable you to use any connected device.

12. Collection of Essential Software

After gathering all the crucial hardware components in your desk drawer, the software is another significant aspect.

Software is required to operate your device, and depending on your profession, you may need additional software.

You can keep a collection of office task-related software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in your desk drawer.

Users can also keep anti-virus software in their desk drawer to safeguard their devices from malicious software on the desk. The best anti-virus software is listed below:

You can also find Microsoft office on Amazon.

While buying this software from Amazon, you will get both CDS and activation codes for digitally downloaded software.

In addition, you can store it in it a desk drawer for future use.

13. Calendar

With the addition of the calendar to my home office, my activities and tasks have blossomed. However, the majority of you undoubtedly don’t believe that.

However, a calendar has helped me stay on track with work and assignment deadlines.

Marking the allocated date and deadline to complete the job on a calendar has made me more accountable.

Furthermore, using a mobile phone causes distractions that are not present while using a paper calendar.

14. Few Good Books

Compared to working in an office, working from home might have a lot of distractions.

Books may be a valuable resource for staying productive at work while learning new things.

Keeping a book in your drawer will help you avoid being distracted by your phone during your break. You might also have a lot of business books in your drawers.

Stocking excellent books in your office drawer will assist you with your job and allow you to rest in between long work periods.

If you are really into reading about business, office work, and leadership. Do check Best business book on business and leadership

15. A Small Whiteboard

With the popularity of different presentation software, we have always ignored a practical item, the whiteboard.

I acquired a whiteboard for my home office after transitioning from working in an office to working from home.

Putting a whiteboard in a drawer is an excellent idea if you have to do a frequent presentation. However, one can present from famous presentation software.

A whiteboard assists you during a spontaneous presentation. It also gives a great office aesthetic feeling, which promotes productivity.

desk drawer is usually 12-14 inches wide and 10-12 inches deep.

More oversized items, such as files, whiteboards, and heavy gadgets, are usually stored in lower drawers.

It’s not feasible to keep your big whiteboard in your desk drawer.

One can buy such a whiteboard on Amazon.

16. Repair and Maintenance Tools

Repairing and maintaining equipment in your desk drawer in your home office will save you a lot of time.

Screws, a hammer, and a tiny jackknife are the repair and maintenance equipment used to fix any gadget.

Electronics are vulnerable to degradation and frequently require repair, maintenance, and upgrades.

As a result, installing extra repair and maintenance tools will assist you in resolving numerous hardware issues and extend their lifespan.

Repair tools
Repair and Maintenance Tools (Source: Pixabay)

17. Stands for Laptops

A laptop stand is a helpful accessory that one may store in your desk drawer. It might be advantageous if your desk isn’t set up correctly for your height.

Different laptop stands allow you to modify the height of your laptop to meet your needs.

A laptop stand may help you immensely during meetings and presentations because of the height adjustment function.

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18. First Aid Kits

Among different vital tools, first aid kits are generally the most neglected and essential tools.

Having first aid Kits in your desk drawer is helpful if you get any cuts while using stationery items like scissors or blades.

Dizziness and joint ache medicine in your first aid kit can also help you if you experience lightheadedness or discomfort due to long working hours.

19. Coffee, Green Tea, or Energy Drink

Working from home is a challenging experience compared to working in an office.

In addition, increased work hours might make people feel tired, sluggish, and inefficient at work.

Coffee, green tea, or energy drink placed in your desk drawer can assist you a lot in avoiding such a lethargic feeling.

This drink contains caffeine which refreshes you from dizziness and increases the activity of your body and brain.

Disclaimer: Using too much caffeine can cause different problems like sleeping disorder, digestive issues, anxiety, etc. It’s highly suggested to use caffeine source occasionally.

20. Other additional items

Here is the list of some of the additional essential tools which you can keep in your desk drawer:

  • Tampons and Pads: Helpful during mensuration during office work.
  • Touch-up and grooming items: Touch-up things like nail polish and lipstick for females, and one can use grooming items like razor blades before a virtual presentation to look presentable.
  • Room Freshener: A room freshener boosts productivity by improving the scent and atmosphere of the space.
  • Water bottle: Placing a water bottle in your desk drawer is a great idea to stay hydrated.

What Not to Keep in a Home Office Desk Drawer?

After going through the list of essential items, you might be thinking about things that shouldn’t be kept in your desk drawer.

So let’s also give a brief look at it.

1. Playstation or video games

The primary benefit of your desk drawer is that it helps you operate more efficiently.

Putting a PlayStation, video games, or other gaming goods on your desk, on the other hand, will divert your attention away from your daily tasks, reducing your productivity.

Video games inside desk drawer
Video games inside desk drawer(Source: Unsplash)

2. Dust and garbages

Most of us have the habit of keeping leftover papers, dust, and garbage in the drawer due to the laziness of throwing them in the dustbin.

Later, this rubbish fills up your desk drawer, overflowing and disorganized.

3. Personal Items

The only function of an office desk drawer is to store supplies and items connected to the workplace.

Therefore, personal belongings, clothing, toothbrushes, and other unnecessary items should never be kept in a desk drawer.

The personal stuff will take up most of the space in your desk drawer, leaving little or no room for critical workplace materials.

4. Food

When you keep food in your desk drawer, you risk spoiling it by mixing it with essential files and documents.

Second, it might lead to binge eating (eating a lot of food in a short period), which is harmful and distracting at work.

You can store non-perishable snacks like nuts, rice cakes, and vegetables if you have long working hours.

Also, watch this video to keep your home office desk drawers organized,


My office job became much more efficient once I kept the necessary materials in my desk drawer.

With all of the required things, simple access, excellent time management, and the utilization of desk drawers for convenience.

One should always place essential goods in a desk drawer to eliminate all extra stuff.

Including necessary goods will make your desk drawer more valuable and productive.

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