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Valentines Event Blox Fruits 2024: Get Exclusive Items

Blox Fruits is gearing up to introduce the 2024 Valentines Event soon with new items, currency and challenges.

Player’s anticipation is high as they eagerly await the festivities and special content that the event will bring.

However, anticipation among the player base is generating buzz for the event and eagerness to see what the developers have in store.

Continue reading to learn about the Valentine Event in Blox Fruits and explore what this highly anticipated event holds.

Valentine Event In Blox Fruits 2024

Blox Fruits often comes up with new events, encouraging players to come together and participate in specific activities.

These events foster a sense of companionship among players while offering unique challenges and rewards.

Valentines event features legendary items, players themed challenges and a festive atmosphere
Valentine’s event features legendary items, players-themed challenges and a festive atmosphere.

Similarly, one more time, Blox Fruits is finally releasing the 2024 Valentine’s event.

The official release date is not out yet, but players are already anticipating the upcoming Valentine’s event in Blox Fruits.

However, players can anticipate an immersive experience designed to celebrate love and friendship within the game world.

Moreover, this Valentine’s event may introduce special challenges and quests centered around themes of love and friendship.

With new food, decorations, and the return of a few fan-favorite attractions, this update is sure to put anyone who plays it in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

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New Items In Blox Fruits Valentine’s Event 2024

The specific details of the 2024 Valentine’s Event in “Blox Fruits” have not been officially announced.

Players will need to wait for further information and stay up to date for updates.

However, based on past events and the theme of Valentine’s Day and some sneak peeks we can speculate on some items and currency.

Here are some potential items to anticipate that players might have in this year’s Valentines Event of Blox Fruits.

1. Cupid’s Coat

There is the possibility that the Blox Fruits developer may add this one of the most detailed game accessories this year.

Cupid Coat is perfect for hybrid builds
Cupid Coat is perfect for hybrid builds.

However, the Cupid’s Coat could be obtained by purchasing from the Valentine’s Event Shop for 750 Hearts.

This item gives 12.5% more damage on Blox Fruits/Swords attacks and 8% defense against any attack.

2. Heart Shades

This legendary accessory cost 750 Hearts in the Valentine’s Event shop in Blox Fruits.

However, this item has the highest gun damage buff in-game and is perfect for Gun Mains as it has +12.5% gun and melee damage.

Moreover, it has +5% defense against all attacks, 600 energy, and 400 health.

3. Light Pink

This item was able to be bought from the Valentine Shop for 1000 Hearts, now unobtainable.

However, there is the possibility that Blox Fruits may add this item to their Valentine’s Item Shop this year.

4. Hearts 

It is a legendary, limited-time Currency that was available in Blox Fruits during the previous year’s Valentine’s Event.

One of the limited-time accessories in Blox Fruit Valentine Event
One of the limited-time accessories in Blox Fruits Valentine Event.

However, this currency is dropped by various enemies that have a difference of 100 levels above or below the player level.

5. Dinasour Bones

The new item, i.e., Dinasour Bones, shown in Blox Fruits admin’s new video, may be added to this 2024 Valentine’s event.

However, its photo and features have not been officially revealed yet by Blox Fruits’ publisher and developers.

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