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Explore About Buddha Speed Glitch In Blox Fruits 2024

Blox Fruit has come up with a lot of glitches that players can explore and use to get various in-game advantages.

However, glitches in Blox Fruits are fixed in patches or updates from time to time.

The new Buddha Speed Glitch in Blox Fruit 2024 has come up with a lot of advantages for the players. Furthermore, players can exploit this glitch to fasten the speed but must have an Unawakened Buddha to perform this glitch.
Continue reading to explore the Buddha Speed Glitch In Blox Fruits 2024.

An Overview Of Buddha In Blox Fruits

The Buddha is one of the powerful Roblox fruits that deals with extremely high damage in the game.

However, Buddha Fruit costs 14500 to fully awaken and can be bought for $120000000 in-game currency or 1650 Robux coins.

Buddha is one of the legendary items that has the potential to change your fighting style and sword’s range.

Moreover, this fruit has two passives, including the Divine Aura and Seismic Jumo along with multiple movements.

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New Buddha Speed Glitch In Blox Fruits 2024

Blox Fruits has come up with a new update in Buddha Speed Glitch 2024.

The Buddha Speed glitch in the game allows players to move faster and gain an advantage in the gameplay.

Further, the game world in Blox Fruits is vast, and moving faster allows players to explore new areas more quickly.

New Buddha Speed Glitch in Blox fruits
The Buddha Speed Glitch in Blox fruits allows players to move fast.

Moreover, here is the guide that you can follow to do the Buddha Speed Glitch 2024 in Blox Fruits.

  1. For the glitch, make sure your Buddha is Unawakened.
  2. After unwaking the Buddha, unstore any fruit you want in your inventory.
  3. Enable Shift lock and hold D and jump.
  4. Upon pressing key D while jumping, the player will accelerate fast.
Player unstoring the fruit in the inventory
The player unstores the fruit in the inventory to perform the new Buddha speed Glitch.

Overall, this speed glitch helps players bypass enemies more easily, making it simpler to progress through levels or complete quests.

Hence, there are two types of Buddha Speed Glitch and they are:

1. Buddha Speed Glitch 1

To perform the Buddha Glitch 1, players should equip any weapon, Buddha and Instinct.

Further, you can activate Instinct, dodge incoming attacks from enemies, and activate the shift lock to jump around to become highly faster.

2. Buddha Speed Glitch 2

For this new glitch, use unawakened Buddha, ensure that you turn on the Shift-Lock, and press A to hop around.

Moreover, you must have a fruit to obtain the Buddha Speed Glitch 2.

Other Available Blox Fruits Buddha Glitch

Many other forms of Buddha Glitches are available in the Blox Fruit and some of them are listed below.

1. Buddha Transform Glitch

For the Buddha Transform glitch, use Buddha Awakened and choose the fruit to eat.

Hence, you must choose the fruit according to the ability you want while transforming.

2. Small And Large Buddha Glitch

In Blox Fruit, players can also modify the Buddha size with this size glitch making it small or large.

However, to minimize Buddha, you need to have an avatar glitch and the awakened Buddha.

Moreover, to expand the size of Buddha use unawakened and the Z move and re-transform the fruit.

3. Gold Glitch

For the permanent Buddha gold glitch, users should unawakened the Buddha Z.

Subsequently, head to an awakening expert and unawakened the Buddha again.

The Bottom Line

Blox Fruits offers multiple glitches to players which they can use to gain an advantage in a game.

The Buddha speed glitch results in efficient exploration and grinding and enhances the competitive aspects of the game.

Further, players can use the steps mentioned above to effectively use the speed glitch in Blox Fruits.

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